Popcorn CRM partners with FreeAgent, enhancing its offerings

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) developer Simon Washbrook, founder of Popcorn welcomed a new partnership with award-winning accountancy software FreeAgent as their official CRM provider. His new version of the Popcorn CRM platform will now integrate accounts for improved customer relationship management (CRM) for small businesses.

On 20th September in the presence of The Mayor of West Midlands, Andy Street, Popcorn announced the partnership with FreeAgent accounting software to include financial integration, profit tracking, better sales, customer retention, and efficient sales forecasting in “real-time” within the new version Popcorn CRM. Using accounts software in a CRM is one of the most effective ways to increase lead generation and streamline sales. Having the profile and contact information of previous customers makes it easier to communicate with them, which helps to sell more products and services. Simplifying the process means satisfied customers are more likely to become repeat buyers.

FreeAgent is the leading cloud-based accounting software for small businesses. This makes it easy to manage business finances on the go, so transactions are recorded as they occur and financial reports can be accessed at any time. Integrating the Popcorn CRM accounts payment process can prevent invoices from getting lost or sent to the wrong person, speed up proposal sending, improve prospect response times and improve cash flow. Keeping sales teams organised by sharing financial information without an overloaded number of different CRM systems in place and giving them access to past transactions, allows team members to not only review what pricing has been discussed or agreed upon earlier but also respond quickly to customer queries.

Andrew King, Senior Commercial Manager at FreeAgent said “We are excited to have popcorn as our innovative CRM partner. This partnership will allow small businesses to seamlessly see the bigger picture around their prospecting and accounts process, helping win more sales while saving time which ultimately helps profitably.

Simon created the software when he found that traditional CRMs were either overloaded with loads of features or really “clunky” to use. Figures suggest that 64% of small businesses give up on using a CRM because it’s too complicated and expensive. 47% of established micro businesses lose £1,200 in sales every month because they don’t use CRM or Lead Management Software. Simon is the Winner of the 2022 Dyslexia Awards for Innovation. This recognition is important to Simon because he is dyslexic and this was one of the main reasons why he recognised the need for a more “one-click” solution and founded Popcorn in the first place. 

Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, said: “I welcome this opportunity to support popcorn CRM – a dynamic entrepreneurial company playing their part in powering economic recovery here in Birmingham and across the wider West Midlands. Simple tools like popcorn have helped SMEs looking to scale up and better manage their sales prospecting. Local businesses like these drive growth, job creation and prosperity so I’m grateful for all they do and will do in the months and years ahead.”

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