Innovation and Investment Community launches Digital Midlands: A New Online Hub for the Region

Digital Midlands - a new online community for entrepreneurs, investors, talent and technologists - is launching today.

The community, which will provide updates, webinars and business connection opportunities, aims to bring more identity to the Midlands as a digitally industrious leader.

Dan Ilett, a partner at 4 Oceans Ventures, the company behind the new venture, said: “We see so much potential in the Midlands for great collaboration and investment. We realised there isn’t really a community that purely brings together all the brilliant stories of tech creativity in the region.

“We’ve already seen some fantastic opportunities arise, such as the development of Gigabit Cities across the region - and as the Midlands becomes more digital, communities will be essential for expanding business networks.”

The Digital Midlands team, which is based in Leicester, is now connecting with entrepreneurs, universities, businesses and investors to develop opportunities for Midlands innovation with webinars, events and award ceremonies.

The Midlands is home to a number of quoted companies, 1m+ businesses and more than 50 universities and higher education establishments - all within a short distance of each other.

David Yates, a co-founder of 4 Oceans Capital, another of the investors in Digital Midlands, added: “We think venture capital is missing from the Midlands and Digital Midlands is here to connect the dots on that.

“Lots of investors overlook the region and turn to the south for business opportunities instead. However, by investing and reinvesting in the region, we can instead uncover and work with the massive talent potential that is available right on our doorstep.”

Digital Midlands will be running a series of webinars with digital thought leaders in the region:


  • CSR - explore how companies in the Midlands have been impacted by the increasing demand for sustainability initiatives from the public (June 22nd 2021);
  • E-gaming - discover the changing role and opinions of online gaming in the UK and how the future of esports will be shaped by the post-COVID world (July 21st 2021).
  • Connectivity - we discuss not only the importance of connectivity in 2021 - but the necessity for reliable and fast internet to everyone, regardless of location and purpose. (August 18th 2021)
  • Talent - our team discusses the latest leadership and talent trends, and how to find & retain the right candidates for the job in the Midlands (September 22nd 2021).
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