Holmes Noble appoints new management team to strengthen core practice areas

Holmes Noble, the executive search, interim and talent solutions firm, has announced the appointment of a new management team to concentrate on developing existing core practices as well as driving true growth internationally. 

Four newly appointed managing partners will work closely with the CEO, Donna Chapman, to develop and focus on three established core practice areas within the business– energy and infrastructure, supply chain, logistics & procurement and manufacturing. 

Rachel McGowan-Kemp will become managing partner, heading up the supply chain, logistics and procurement practice. Victoria McQueen will lead the energy and infrastructure team as managing partner.  Ben Gilbert will be managing partner leading the manufacturing practice. 

Amy Speake, current managing partner, providing talent solutions for Holmes Noble’s corporate clients, will be extending her role to support in growing each practice both nationally and internationally.  

Donna Chapman, CEO of Holmes Noble, will also be leading the HR and board practice due to her CIPD Chartered Fellow status, the highest level of recognition for HR professionals. As a Chartered Fellow, Donna has valuable knowledge and experience in HR standards helping clients develop and grow their teams, strategically affecting change within businesses.

Commenting on the new management team, Donna Chapman, CEO of Holmes Noble, says: “I have been CEO now for six months and it is clear to me where we are strongest. Holmes Noble has thirteen years of success and solid experience in the core practice areas of energy, supply chain & logistics and manufacturing.  Firm foundations have been built. 

“After a year of sustained growth, the business must now focus on developing from these foundations. Our relationships with senior executives in the three practice areas are at the core of our business. 

“The new management team will be focused on broadening and expanding the relationships with our customers both in the UK and, internationally.” 

Commenting on growth, Amy Speake, current managing partner for talent solutions, said: “We see the growth areas coming from our ability to support our clients with wider offerings which overcome their talent challenges.  We do more than just find the right people -  working alongside our clients at a deeper level we gain a thorough understanding of what exactly they need as a business.

“Executive search is changing we’re developing a more proactive and holistic leadership advisory service tethered to corporate strategy. Talent management cannot be effective when practised in a vacuum without market context. Clients want alignment and talent management that mirrors corporate strategy.”


Energy practice


Victoria McQueen, the managing partner of the energy and infrastructure practice, says: “We understand, first-hand, the profound changes taking place within the energy industry and the only way to overcome these shifts and succeed is with the right people.

“As the global energy landscape continues to transform, industry executives worldwide are asking whether they have the right leaders in place to meet the growing issues and opportunities confronting the sector. Our practice goal is to use our direct knowledge of the industry to help guide clients through the boom in emerging markets and put the talent infrastructure in place.”


Supply chain, logistics and procurement practice


Commenting on the goals of the supply chain, logistics and procurement practice, Rachel McGowan-Kemp said: “Logistics is an ever-changing environment, currently with more emphasis than ever on cost, customer service and growth areas such as e-commerce. The pace of change is only going to accelerate. 

“While leadership capabilities are important in all business disciplines, the unique challenges in the logistics arena make them critical in order to achieve results. Logistics and supply chain leadership are crucial for companies wanting to establish a competitive advantage.  We connect talented candidates and perfect-match clients to deliver that competitive edge as well as overcome fresh challenges.”


Manufacturing practice


Ben Gilbert, managing partner of manufacturing practice explains: “Shifts in talent trends, manufacturing locations, fluctuating costs, technology advancements as well as the impact of government regulations and investment all combine to affect the profiles of leaders needed to drive growth in a manufacturing world where margins continue to tighten. 

“Skill sets which were considered essential only five years ago are now no longer valued among leaders in today’s manufacturing world. At Holmes Noble’s manufacturing practice, much of our time is spent drilling down to identify the core competencies for pivotal roles.  We have a very clear picture is emerging of what the next generation of leaders will look like.”

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