Birmingham-based Chair of CompTIA UK Channel Community Richard Tubb

A UK Trustmark is being launched to raise the bar for quality in Information Technology services.

The mark being finalised this month will guarantee the highest standards of ethics and professionalism for suppliers of IT services.  They will need to meet ethical standards drawn up by the CompTIA UK Channel Community, to qualify for the mark.

A not-for-profit trade association, CompTIA’s are the voice of the world of information technology, encouraging members to work together to raise standards of businesses and the IT industry.

Birmingham-based Richard Tubb, a business consultant who is chair of CompTIA UK Channel Community, at, said:  “As chair, I’m a firm believer in raising the bar of professionalism.    

“Information Technology is a relatively new industry, but I believe there is no reason why it should not benefit from the same high standards that regulate law or accountancy.

“I am very proud of this community initiative, requested and delivered with our member’s help, to create a UK IT Trustmark which we hope will help distinguish the good guys from the cowboys, who offer poor advice to small businesses and in some worrying cases, even illegal software.”

“Although large IT vendors like Microsoft and Cisco have qualifications, these only refer to the use of their software.  The CompTIA IT business Trust mark would enable IT companies to demonstrate their ethical and independent reputation for looking after their clients.”

A popular speaker at conferences around the world, Richard Tubb is the former owner of a West Midlands based business providing outsourced IT solutions to small and medium-sized firms. Having sold that business in 2010, Tubb now works providing advice to help other IT businesses who want to grow.

Richard, who is stepping down from the chair this month after two years, was this month working with the Channel community to finalise plans for the Trust Mark, which was announced to over 400 IT companies at the CompTIA EMEA conference in London (October 22 and 23).

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