Office 4 & 5, Blackpole Business Centre, Blackpole Road, Worcester, Worcestershire WR3 8SQ, United Kingdom

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Office 4 & 5, Blackpole Business Centre, Blackpole Road, Worcester, Worcestershire WR3 8SQ, United Kingdom


Being too busy to answer your telephone implies that your business is going well - however it won't be going well for long if your telephone doesn't get answered at all or if your telephone gets answered badly!

By outsourcing your telephone answering service requirements to Professional Call Minders near Malvern, you're putting your company in good hands.

Since being founded in April 2005 by Sarah Preece, Professional Call Minders near Malvern, have been providing businesses big and small, in Malvern and the surrounding area, with excellent solutions to all their telephone answering and messaging service needs.

Sarah attributes Professional Call Minders success to ensuring that she promotes each company's image exactly as her clients ask.

By ensuring that every one of your telephone calls gets dealt with efficiently, professionally and in a friendly manner, you are securing the custom of your current clients and investing in your future.

Taking care of your telephone answering and messaging services is imperative in today's competitive market.

It's been well publicised that poor customer service, a bad telephone answering manner, sub-standard answering and messaging techniques and automated messaging services quickly turn customers away.

By employing Professional Call Minders near Malvern, to take your telephone answering and messaging for you, you can avoid that pitfall.

At Professional Call Minders, near Malvern, their customer's satisfaction and happiness is their first priority, by employing them, you're ensuring that your customer's satisfaction and happiness is your first priority too!

Remember, wherever your business is based Professional Call Minders can provide your telephone answering solutions!

So what is it exactly that Professional Call Minders offer?

It's simple...
the security of knowing every call that comes into your company is not only answered, but dealt with in a professional manner with the highest regard for customer care and knowledge of your business... all without costing you a fortune!

Our enthused team will answer your calls in your company name, assess the nature of the call and deal with it accordingly.

With free call transfer and messages relayed by SMS or email, you will instantly be aware of a call just received.

We work hard to ensure our service is seamless, therefore callers will not know that you have outsourced this service. We really are more than just a voice.

Our virtual team can answer your calls just as easily as a receptionist sitting in your office. With the additional benefits of saving resources, you can have full-time receptionist cover, for a fraction of in-house costs.

Our offices are open from Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 6 pm. After this time you are allocated an out of hours voicemail. You will be given remote access to this voicemail, so you can dial-in to set your greeting and listen to messages. Alternatively, we can relay the message to you for convenience.

If you require the use of an online diary, we can provide you with one of our own or access your existing one to plan appointments, keeping your schedule hassle-free.

Instant on-line access to our unique system Message Bank, allows you to access a history of your messages, update your client profile notes and keep us informed of any changes / important information we require to handle your calls effectively.

Professional Call Minders is covered under the Data Protection Act (1998). The details of all calls and messages relayed are confidential.

Advantages of using Professional Call Minders:

• All calls are answered, improving service levels
• Cost-effective seamless service
• No additional resources required
• Continue your daily work without interruption
• Back up service during busy periods
• Holiday / sickness / maternity cover

Solutions for large companies:

Large companies with a busy switchboard can always miss calls. Let us handle that pressure for you. Either as your main switchboard or as a back up if the line is busy, we will simply pick up the call and direct it to the right place.

If you have multiple sites and staff on the road, why not use Professional Call Minders as your central office to collect your calls. We can transfer the calls to staff mobiles or direct office line....all for no extra cost!

Solutions for sole traders and business start-ups:

Whether it be to provide the illusion of office space and your own receptionist or simply because you spend a lot of time out of the office and in meetings, Professional Call Minders has the solution. As your receptionist, we will professionally answer your calls acting as a representative on behalf of you and your company.

The flexibility of our service caters for you to use us as you wish, without being tied into a price package. It really is a service to suit you.

It's so easy to leave the office in our capable hands.

With statistics showing over 80% of people don't leave voicemail messages, can you afford to miss a call?

NO contractual ties
NO setup fee
FREE call transfer
FREE messages relayed by SMS or email
FREE faxes received on your behalf, sent via fax to email
FREE remote access to out of hours voicemail



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Office 4 & 5, Blackpole Business Centre, Blackpole Road, Worcester, Worcestershire WR3 8SQ, United Kingdom
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