Would most of the current business people if sitting in the dragons den chair; invest?

Business people watch BBC’s Dragons Den for many reasons; some wish to gain a few hints and tips, others like to watch to have a good laugh at the expense of others, and perhaps surprisingly enough a lesser amount will actually watch to see what the competition is.

As we all know there are FIVE well established and proven business entrepreneurs who act as the investment dragons within the BBC TV programme, all of whom take the time to sit down patiently, to listen to the funding pitches being made by the business hopefuls - upon which they then make a decision on whether or not to invest.

Most of the time there is total shock from the watching business community when the Dragons decline the offer to invest for various reasons – often such reasons are the ones which the watching business community would not see from close range, because it’s always the obvious which is overlooked by many businesses including those making the funding pitch.

Being in attendance to business networking meetings can lead to such thoughts and comparisons, because it is often at such meetings that you will witness a high majority of those businesses who spoke about their business last week may have added a non related service to their business this week.

When delving deeper you may find that even though it makes absolute no economic sense for them to have done so, they proceeded to add the extra service because to them “it just seemed like a good idea”

Adversely at times you will find that some of the dragons within dragons den will invest in a number of businesses which makes absolutely no-sense to do so, not only to the watching business community but also to their fellow dragons.

But such occasions are very few and far between.

However within business networking and the attending business community what you may undoubtedly witness may well be the other way around; In that if it was they who were sitting in the dragons chair they would perhaps actively invest and back more of the businesses in which it makes no-sense economical or otherwise to do so.

The hardest thing to realise in business is that not all opportunities are what they would seem - with many quickly turning into burdens rather than the opportunities they purport to be.

The lesson which should be learnt directly by the business community from watching the dragons is to be selective with all business opportunities which come along, as it will be through this action that will ultimately give you the best investment with your time and money.