Will the Connect Brunch give you business on a plate?

In a few months time the Connect Brunch will be born as a way to build business connections, increase business awareness and obtain attendance of those businesses which are serious about what it is they do, and what it is they are after. 

The networking and business exhibition debate looms ever more; in that do such things attract any business? Do the right people turn up to such events? No-one will ever settle on a common ground because everyone's views are different. 

The one thing which many will know is that things have to change; networking attracts a vast number of businesses some of which are good, bad or indifferent. Whichever they are, the term networking was originally labelled as a good thing, now unfortunately the tide is turning and numbers to networking meetings and business exhibitions are reducing, because the original purpose of networking is lost in the maze of continual false promises and people saying they can undertake things when they can clearly not. 

The one thing which many to such meetings never seem to ask is “why on earth would someone I have never met or hardly know pass me a referral with the first 12 months” instead the assumption is that by going to such meetings after purchasing their elite space it gives them the god given right to expect and attain referral, after referral.   

Many who attend breakfast meeting are lifestyle businesses, which means they fit around the individuals running the business, or that they are financed by members of the family for the husband, wife or child for something to do. 

Networking now seems to be the mechanism which many think and hope will give them endless business on a plate...! And as such in many cases has been moulded to mislead and provide false hope. 

Everything is promoted as FREE to attend, get FREE tea and coffee, and get a FREE lunch – we fail to understand how this is good for business, even people and experts in their field jump on the FREE band wagon, attend my days course for FREE usually costs £195.00. All this is doing damage to their brand and whether people know or like it – it’s setting a presentence. 

We here at Connect are looking to do something so as to build something that is viable, educational and beneficial - so it will come as no surprise, nor is it rocket science that Connect WM will soon start to regularly hold a Connect Brunch which will be chargeable to attend. 

Chargeable because we don’t agree with venues providing their services FREE, chargeable because businesses need to realise that they cannot book on to something and decide on the day to simply not to turn up without them having something to lose. Chargeable because we’re not in any way funded, chargeable because, as silly as it may be its something as basic as this that will wheedle out those businesses who are serious about business. 

So if you want business on a plate the Connect Brunch might just give you it but you’ll have to pay for it and work hard to get it, oh yes and one last thing you’ll have to attend or you might just lose out..!