When creating your brand...remember you’ll connect via social media!

The creation of a visual brand for any business is vitally important, never more so than with today’s convenient use and ability to connect through all types of internet mediums - including all types of social media facilities.


Consideration needs to be given to social media profiles, which apart from the creation of a username allows the personalised upload of an image.


Ideally for a business the uploaded image within any social media profile should be a business logo, and it is this point which should be considered by new businesses and those who re-brand themselves.


So...... it is important that any visual brand needs to be able to be easily usable and recognised within the permitted image space allocated within a profile. To do this a logo should fall within a squared image space incorporating a shape or perhaps initials of the business name.


Colours are also important to a brand especially as many social media outlets do allow a certain amount of customisation; this allows the driving home of a branding style.... even more, could allow easy recognition by colours as well as by a logo.


Also it would be beneficial if consideration be given to the potential of a company name....if such a name available to be registered as a username within social media sites. If a company name is too long you may wish to consider abbreviating it.


There is a site called knowem.com which assists in identifying if a preferred username is available or not within multiple social media sites, tip is try and not to create a username which nobody can remember usually these would include numbers such as ‘Connect87846’ also don’t be too controversial or innuendo (ish) with a username name such as ‘Connect Me Babe’.


As already mentioned social media provides a modern day way for any company to market themselves, and provides them with a number of benefits.


Firstly for any blogs or comments made can provide unlimited potential, both in recognition of the brand but also by bringing the business to the forefront and making them seem like their an authoritative figure.


Secondly the membership and recognition of social media sites is growing day by day, with some sites currently having memberships in excess of 500 million members, so the potential audience is absolutely massive.


Social Media is free; apart from your time which if not monitored can be quite costly....because of this element there are some companies out there who offer a social media packaged service.


If you need such a service remember that we can help to connect you to social media...!


Thirdly the use of social media provides other beneficial elements such as creating back links, keyword recognition, gaining followers/visitors and subscribers. Most important also is that the creation of good meaningful, informative text will create content which will be favoured by search engines.


When utilising social media be sure to make regular use of it, there is no real need to be on it all day unless your business requires it.


For most businesses so long that their use of social media is regular, through posts, blogs and comments, and that they are of good quality.....and actively looking to connect and engage with others rather than spamming – they cannot really go wrong. Do not, repeat not aim to be in the face of other businesses with the sole intention being to sell, sell, sell.....!


Remember to connect your business with others online through the use of Social Media...