We're helping local businesses and consumers to connect to deals..!

Here at Connect WM we have created our own deal section which allows our showcase members to create as many deals as they like, but they’re only able to show only one deal at a time.


As online is where things are happening we thought we’d help by providing a route through our Deals WM section which allows local business to tap into the online deal promotion craze...


So what’s your interpretation of a deal? Well ours is anything which a business looks to promote in order to gain customer awareness which results in a sale.


Some businesses will say “we only do offers”, others may say “we offer discounts” and there are still those businesses out there who will say “why should I discount or offer anything”.


For those that chose not to enter the deal craze you may ask “are they losing out?” well in reality it will be only they that know, and if they are....! They may be too stubborn to admit or say anything.


That said of course it does rely on exactly what line of business their in – but there is a knack when entering the deal game.


As a business you have to be very careful not to devalue your business, and/or its products or services. You also need to be careful about the message you are portraying by doing offers or discounts – as an instance and we’ve wittiness this: - a business coach promoted an offer saying they normally charge £350 for the day, but if you book them today they’ll do it for £50.


The point being we all think differently and often very differently to how with think or assume people should.


The example above may be a genuine offer, or it may say that if they are devaluing themselves, or even desperate - whatever the reason truth is it may not be what other people think.


The way in which our Deals section operates is that it encompasses the use of social media and as such any deals claimed are done so by connecting to them via Facebook.


When a showcase member uploads a deal it allows us to actively connect local businesses and consumers to the deal by us promoting not only the Connect WM site but the Deals WM section also.


The process of uploading the deal allows the business to create a time span for how long the deal is for; it also allows them to state how many deals which they are offering. They are able to enter in a long description which would leave the claimants of the deal under no illusion as to what the deal is, and what their getting.


We do not take a percentage when the deal is done, not like some companies – we do not make special arrangements with companies again not like some companies.


What we do is provide our members with effective multiple service options; we recognise that they need to grow. Just like we need to grow......so let’s grow and connect together.....


Connect is our name, connecting businesses and consumers to deals is our game...!