Was there a missed access to finance opportunity in Walsall?

Last week late one afternoon saw an access to finance event take place at Walsall Town Hall – the event being organised jointly between BCRS (Black Country Reinvestment Society) and Think Walsall.


During our attendance at many events throughout the region ,and our subsequent engagement with local businesses - them being able to connect to finance in the west midlands seems to be paramount to what it is they’re after, that….. and sales of course.


Yet it was disappointing to note at the access to finance meeting in Walsall that perhaps the best was not made of what was potentially on offer - which was localised finance providers being there ready and willing to speak with local businesses in order to try and connect them to finance.


The attendance by small business people to the access to finance event was somewhat sparse so could this therefore be taken as an indication that local businesses are not currently looking to connect to finance in the west midlands – or could it be a simple case that they’ve lost interest in seeking finance perhaps assuming that all the negatively around would result in decline of any finance application.


Whatever the reason, businesses should not give up hope regards to funding, as each application is very dependent on the circumstances of the company making the application, their field of expertise and expertise within their chosen industry and a certain amount of understanding of the finance provider.


Although the event was based in Walsall Town Hall those finance providers exhibiting were from around the West Midlands region such as the Black Country, Birmingham, and Telford.


Earlier in the day there was also an event at Walsall Football Club which was organised by Sarah Pritchard from the Business Growth Show, this was we believe the first ever Black Country Business Growth Show event and it seemed fairly well attended.


Prior to attending the exhibition at the banks stadium we had a meeting with Dave Rehman who is the managing director of Symphony Automation who we first met whilst attending the recent Black Country Chamber event at The Public in West Bromwich.


We discussed with Dave what it is we’re doing with Connect WM and where we see it heading towards, we also explained what our plans are for our other trading style Squashed Bills which aims to help UK households and businesses squash their monthly and annual utility, insurance, money and travel bills.


Dave explained about his business further how his products combat the ever increasing prices especially for the commercial market, and how Sainsbury’s are trailing his product in one of their green stores down south which early indications of savings made are very beneficial which hopefully will result in a wider trial in other Sainsbury’s stores throughout the UK.


With our meeting with Dave and our attendance at two separate events in Walsall you could be forgiven in thinking that we looked at the whole day as being a type of Connect Walsall day.