Walsall Football Club does events you know

The other week we were invited along to Walsall Football club for an afternoon event, in which the aim was for them to showcase their event and conferencing services.


The event was well attended, even the Lord Mayor of Walsall was there giving us a talk on the importance on how local Walsall businesses need to have access to each other in order to trade locally and grow.


As we all drive down the M6 we all see the Banks’s Stadium just as were going past junction 9 and a big massive sign advertising their website M6J9 – but how many of us actually take it in and take on board the fact that they do events and how many of us bother to find out what it is they offer?


Well, their event last week was intended to go some way in explaining what it is they do apart from football, and to showcase and demonstrate not only their venue, but also the food and their staff.


It could be said that they were also trying to Connect Walsall in a kind of way…!


Roy Whalley the Commercial Director of Walsall Football Club kicked things off, explaining about the clubs events and conferencing facilities – he explained about how the facilities are used even in ways you wouldn’t think off such as its close proximity to the M6 motorway means its regularly used by the FA for hearings and meetings.


Roy then introduced some of the staff such as Vicki Chambers Conference and Sales executive, Laura Yates who’s in charge of Marketing and Communications and a number of other staff members all of which took us around so that we could physically see for ourselves what Walsall Football club has to offer.


The food was prepared by Walsall’s FC own chefs to the highest of standards and it tasted superb, we were also treated to a selection of delightful Asian cuisine which had been prepare and supplied by Five Rivers Hospitality Group who are the main sponsors of the family stand at Walsall Football Club for the 2011 – 2012 season.


Whilst eating all those attending the event had a chance to network with each other, we ourselves had conversations with various business people such as Matt Williams from ARC who are bringing a new product to market in the forth coming weeks?


Matt explained that apart from the new product being and good idea it was better executed than any of its few closest rivals, the development of the product it could be argued has come about as a direct result to facilitate the need to the look apply an extra semi diversified product to latch within its current business offerings which will offer customers and users better return and usage on their purchases.


The line of business which ARC is in, is the provision of marketing products to businesses in the West Midlands, the new product is to provide a unique way for the customer to either sell advertising space themselves or use such space for their own benefit such as in the promotion of their own products and services.


Targeting all local businesses throughout the United Kingdom, they are eager to tap into businesses and operations within the exhibitions, hospitality and entertainment sector.