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March 30, 2012
During the week saw one of the Connect WM team head over to the Birmingham Thistle Hotel which is positioned within the City Cent... (more)
March 29, 2012
Today we paid a visit to the Business Growth Show which was held for the first time at ‘The Clarendon Suites’ just off the Hagley Road, Birmingham. ... (more)
December 19, 2011
Last Friday afternoon saw us attend a meeting with ... (more)
October 14, 2011
Us guys at Connect WM had a day out yesterday and tasted the delights of what the Shropshire region had to offer in terms of business events an... (more)
September 28, 2011
The other week we were invited along to Walsall Football club for an afternoon event, in which the aim was for them to showcase their event and... (more)
August 09, 2011
Trying to connect to a bigger and better local economy is what local businesses strive for; doing an honest day’s work for an honest day&... (more)
June 05, 2011
So Britain’s Got Talent is over for another year, and last night saw our own local regional representative Jean Martyn from Brewood South... (more)
May 26, 2011
Last night’s episode of the apprentice saw all the candidates travel to the ... (more)
May 14, 2011
It’s not exactly mind blowing to know that there are many ways to travel around the West Midlands region, due to current local economic c... (more)
April 25, 2011
This year see’s Easter bank holiday fall a lot later than it usually does, and to cap it all it’s at the end of the schools Easter ... (more)
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