Training WM trying to make it easy for local businesses to connect to training in the West Midlands?

As we already know part of running a successful local business involves more than just hard graft.


One area that we all know or hope will help and therefore dabble in from time to time is that of training and coaching, which for employees and business owners can play a vital part of not only enhancing knowledge but can create better efficiency and effectiveness through team building as well as meeting with legislative requirements such as health and safety.


Throughout the region there are varying training companies and individuals who specialise in providing certain training aspects and these can range from business coaching, wealth creation, public speaking, first aid, product knowledge, system and procedure creation, the list is endless.


The problem which the regional based businesses is starting to face with the eminent demise of a local Business Link presence is how and where can they find and identify the training courses, workshops and seminars which they need.


It used to be that they’d look to business link as a catalyst to supply their training needs, or they would meet such training suppliers through their normal networking activities and refer work to them.


No one really knows what’s going to happen come later this year – November to be exact - when Business Link West Midlands finishes, but there is no point waiting around and waiting to see, as the old saying goes “it’s the early bird that catches the worm”.


Knowing also that with the vast amount of business advisors being made redundant from Business Link and some are either going to other full time employment, or are setting themselves up as independent advisors or trainers we thought now was as good a time as any to create a ‘Training WM’ section allowing us to build a training supply base from which we can connect businesses to training in the West Midlands.


The addition of Training WM has always been in our plans and in fact we pre-registered the domains for it last year, the reason for doing it now is not only have we recently upgraded our site, the feeling is that the timing for the addition of a training section just feels right.


Over time we may also look to build our Training WM section as a department whereby we could look to teach and train local businesses ourselves via our own training personal, this would also help the local economy through job creation.


There’s one training company First 4 Aid although based over in Warwickshire they provide training all over the region - run by Becki Coombe she has started to utilise the Connect WM site and its different sections.


Becki actively uploads her First Aid Workshops to our Events WM section allowing us to help connect local businesses to her first aid training courses - We actively encourage others to do the same…!


As part of the Connect WM business model we have a number of different elements which we will be adding to the site over time and some of which complement each other. One such case is where this week also we have started to implement a Business Advice WM section allowing us to connect local businesses to business advice.


Connect by name, connect to training by nature.