The 'Do you wanna scrap' phrase used to have a whole different meaning than it does today?

The scrap metal business is a growing, in fact currently it’s a booming business – it would seem that anyone who is anyone fancies working in the scrap metal business.


Only a few weeks ago on the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ we saw how both teams were challenged to making money out of nothing, and they did.


Although money can be made in the scrap business, you need to beware that there are some forms of scrap you get paid for, but there are other forms of scrap you have to pay for in order to be able to dispose of. It would appear that there is an art to the scrap industry and attention needs to be paid to scrap metal in particular.


Now obviously with all the attention in the papers and on TV, more and more people are learning that there’s money “in that there scrap metal” – so they are acutely aware that they can get money for it as opposed to giving it away, so long of course as they can be bothered to take it to a metal recycling company themselves.


Here in the West Midlands, perhaps more so in the Black Country there is good number of scrap metal recycling companies. These companies are the ones who are at the end of the line where the public and businesses can take their scrap metal for monetary reward. Evan car scrap yards will take their useless or shelled cars, once they have been stripped of all useable and resalable second parts and accessories.


It is at these companies where the metal is sorted, shredded, transported and sold to metal smelting foundries, where the whole production and recycling process can start again.


Not so long ago it used to be that unless you were in the scrap metal businesses you wouldn’t know or even hear about such companies, but today it’s a different story altogether.


One such local company who is active in the whole networking and events scene in the West Midlands is Mason Metals who are based over in Brierley Hill in the heart of the Black Country.


Often you will see Neil Woodall manning the Mason Metal stand at exhibitions on the lookout for businesses that are looking to maximise on the value of the scrap their business produces, as well as businesses who unknowingly pay others to take away their scrap but perhaps not realising the full and potential value of what they give way or rather pay to be taken away.


Of course you don’t need to be an Albert Einstein to realise that there are many manufacturing companies in the Black Country who are prime candidates to look to maximise on the return for their scrap metal waste.


Mason Metals have also undertaken to make their services available to a wider range of people by providing a domestic collection service which they started in conjunction with the West Midlands Police and Local Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.


For their domestic collection service the areas they currently cater for are: - Brierley Hill, Dudley, Cradley Heath, Halesowen, Quinton, Bearwood, Edgbaston, Kingswinford, and Stourbridge where they will prodominatlty take domestic appliances such as cookers, dish washers and washing machines.


Should you end up taking your scrap metal to such places to sell you must bear in mind that the price of metal can change on a daily basis, but this may perhaps be more noticeable with precious metals such a gold, silver and platinum.


There are some locals who will connect to the whole green thing and looking after the environment and there are others who will connect to the fact there is money to be made.


What is it you connect too?