Pot calling the Kettle Black springs to mind....

As you know Connect WM only acts for and deals with businesses and consumers within the West Midlands region.


An enlightening episode took place this afternoon as we looked to assist companies outside of the region but who provide supply within the West Midlands.


We spoke, or perhaps should say we tried to speak with a company based down in Bournemouth who regularly sends out mailers promoting their various training courses throughout the West Midlands region as well as all over the UK.


We were looking to highlight their various courses to the West Midlands under our ‘Training WM’ banner.


The person who answered to phone to us changed their demeanour as soon as we asked the dreaded question of “who we would need to speak to who deals with the promotion of your courses within the West Midlands region”.


For some strange reason, perhaps they were having a bad day, they were stressed.... who knows....but they would just not listen, they would say thing like “we have someone who deals with that” even though we weren’t really asking – we even made a point of saying that we were not trying to market their business, we’re only interested in the West Midlands but no matter what was said, it was all assumption, assumption, assumption on their part - not long after the conversation finished.


To be totally honest we were a little annoyed by this, as we had only rang them because it was them that send us a letter this morning, an unsolicited letter at that.


Within a matter of minutes of the last conversation we rang back only with the intention to ask to be removed from their mailing list – it was then the verbal barrage attack happened, the “look I’ve told you” rampage -whereby they were insisting that we remove them from our list – we were trying to explain that we didn’t have a list and that we rang them as a result of them sending us a letter in the first place, but again they just weren’t listening.


We all just ended up speaking over each other because we knew they were just going to hang up – eventually they heard us ask to be removed from their mailing list, to which they replied “do you have the letter in front of you” to which we said “yes” they then advised that we need to write in to the address on the letter and ask to be removed.


Now bearing in mind in reality it was this other company, who instigated initial contact by sending us a letter, the fact that they are a training company and perhaps their actions and responses may counteract against what they teach.


One could ask “do they practice what they preach”.


Such an episode set the blood boiling and understandably so. Why should we or anyone else for that matter have to bear the cost of the time and of a stamp to be removed from their mailing list if they are not prepared to be civil? Especially when we didn’t ask to be put there in the first place – Pot calling the Kettle Black springs to mind....!


We are fully aware that we all have bad days, and that things don’t go right.....but no matter which way you look at it its vitally important that how you act and how you are perceived matches the products and services your trying to sell, such as


  • If you’re a web developer you need a decent website
  • If you’re a printer you need decent stationary
  • If you’re a business coach you need a successful background
  • If you’re a training company you need to portray the correct image at all times


Anyway rant over - We sent a polite email to them advising what our call was about, and to request to be withdrawn from their mailing list.


We wait to see what happens......!