Now you can connect with a profile....

Over the past few weeks here at Connect WM, we have been working away changing and upgrading some elements to the site.


We decided after taking stock of the situation and realising that we had to change around our original development plans, to introduce profiles for our account members.


“So what” you may ask?


Well...! We know it’s not such a big deal in the grand scale of things, but we felt that the way in which we can utilise member profiles and their links within the site can go a long way in further helping local West Midlands based business obtain local effective exposure via the Connect WM site.


Simply put, one of the best ways for a business to be referred, introduced, or even considered is if they have recommendations, some would call them reviews and others would call them testimonials.


Now.... through the connect site and for us to be able to help local businesses champion the West Midlands area, they are able to comment and review other members businesses.


We have even tied in within the profile visual the awareness of any deals of other member businesses which they may have claimed or accepted via our Deals WM section, helping us to provide  visual proof of what local business interaction and trading is happening.


“Yes we know” that many websites have a member profiles areas, but believe it or not many of them are never used, and those that are - are often incomplete. Of course it’s up to the member to create and manage their own profile – but our view is that if we can show the profile of actually being of some use, then you never know but members would utilise such a service.


It may work, or it may not work – fact is we are doing what we can to help local businesses, as well as helping us to fulfil our pledge of provide effective local exposure for Connect WM members.


By providing recommendations and testimonials helps provide a confirmation, a secondary back up as to the worthiness of a business and its products/services.


The growing trend especially online is for people to look at how a business has been reviewed, such people will pay more attention to the few lines of a testimonial - than a whole page of description text provided by a business on its services.


Of course allowing reviews to be displayed will produce both positive and negative comments; negative comments of course have the ability to potentially put off prospective new clients and customers.


The way in which Connect WM helps is that no matter if a review is positive or negative against your business listings, you as a Connect WM member will be emailed, as this allows you to manage and deal with such comments made. After all this is how the larger companies utilise their twitter accounts, they act quickly to resolve any negative vibes against them, their products or services.


Help us to help you obtain effective local exposure - use your profile to connect......