Nothing but praise for The Clarendon Suites.

The very first Connect WM Business Exhibition took place on the 27th February 2013 having originally chosen The Clarendon Suites  for its location for ease of parking, its central locality and ease of access within the building itself.

At the point of booking, and in fact right to the exhibition day itself we had only really ever dealt with The Clarendon Suites General Manager Diane Hennessy who was first class in her understanding, her guidance as to how best  layout of the exhibition hall, and use of further rooms within the venues whole facility.

But when we come to the day itself, never could we have imaged beforehand that the attention to detail, the understanding of what was required - not only ran through Diane’s veins but also the veins of her entire staff.

Being the first event we ever held, we didn’t really know what to expect on the day, but as the old saying goes “you have to start somewhere” so off we ventured thinking we’d be on our own on the day – “How wrong we were………..!”

When the big day came, in fact even the day before during initial setup, the entire Clarendon Suites staff was attentive to our needs, even ensuring we had a drink upon arrival - nothing was too much trouble.

On the day itself the duty manager Simon made himself known and from then on and right up until the end of the day in our view he went beyond the call of duty dealing with our immediate requests as well as dealing with his normal everyday duties.

Microphones appeared out of the blue for the exhibition hall and seminar room, water and glasses appeared in the seminar room; the heat was turn on to take the chill off the rooms everything and we mean everything was taken care of.

As part of the exhibitor package we provide bagged lunches on the day, not realising that two of the exhibitors were not able to eat what was being provided, Not to worry Simon was on hand who immediately intervened and offered and provided a suitable meal replacement ensuring that all exhibitors were suitable fed and catered for.

Communication between the venue and ourselves was first rate; even the catering Manager would let us know if attendees to the day were trying to obtain free refreshments: point here is being that we purposely took the decision not to provide FREE refreshments to attendees.

In summery we’d have no hesitation of using The Clarendon Suites again, nor would we hesitate in recommending their venue and services.