Nick from the Midlands the first bloke to be the Project Manager on the Apprentice

This week has seen the start of the next series of the Apprentice, where a bunch of business folk each think that their better than the next – some would argue whether they really think that, is debatable but it makes good telly.


This series see’s Nick Holzherr who started one of his businesses out of Birmingham’s Aston Science Park incubation units; centring on the use of QR codes, as one of the entrepreneurial hopefuls.


This week’s first task for the band of business demons was to effectively create something from a blank canvas and make it something that would sell.


It really never ceases to amaze how the big I am people large up their ability so much that when it came to the first thing, in selecting a project manager, they all hide under the table. With the tension building in the room and Karen Brady chucking her eye’s up in the air in amazement - it was midlander Nick who stepped up to the mantel...!


Under Nick Holzherr leadership the team opted to purchase Teddies and Shopping bags which they could brand up, and sell to the tourist market, and seen as they were based in London that of course was a good call.


However perhaps the designs they selected to brand up the items could have been more creative and appealable instead of a union jack for the Teddies and a Red London Bus for the shopping bags.


With all the items purchased and branded, the team had one last business briefing before setting out to sell their wares, Nick attempted to give a rousing team talk suggesting that the team look to maximise of the selling of the teddies by asking £15.00. It was during this meeting that the self proclaimed sales machine Stephen Brady stepped in and said “let’s sell these teddies at £10 and get really going – okay guys”.


Cleary Nick Holzherr was looking to maximise profit, whilst Stephen Brady fell straight in to the usual sales methodology and was immediately favouring units over profit – who was right? It's down to personal views but as a general rule of thumb it could be argued that those who favour profit are managers and those who favour units are workaholics.


Above all and in the long run its profit that keeps a business going and not sales of units....!


There was one embarrassing moment when the blokes’ team had to refund a customer because the quality of the screen printing on the shopping bags they supplied was poor - obviously the sale was a blatant attempt not to provide something of worth and was instead only intended to take money for their own benefit.


Once the task was over they headed to the boardroom for the normal slating that we all enjoy to see; that of others suffering but that we never wish to injure ourselves.


When the results were announced in terms of profit made, it was confirmed that the men’s team lead by Nick Holzherr were victorious - making a profit in the region of £600 approx whereby the ladies team only managed a £200 profit.


It’s too early to say yet which candidates have the better qualities in terms of business acumen, but being the first project manager for the men’s team and winning with such a healthy profit has put Nick on the right road – let’s see what happens when the alliances and back biting starts.


Here is Nick's video audition for this year Apprentice