It’s the here and now that counts

Many businesses, especially new start ups it could be argued need to plan more for the future in terms of how they operate and as to what direction their ultimately heading towards.


However with all the perceived excitement of owning or running your business the planning for most turns into day dreaming, thinking that they can be all conquering, that they have what it takes to be the best, believing that their better than anyone else…!


The stark reality is that they can’t, don’t and aren’t.


Time and time again you witness SME’s who seem to ignore others when at networking meetings, or attending exhibitions, instead opting to carry on portraying with their own air of illusion of greatness or betterment.


Perhaps a bit harsh, but the reality is that “it’s the here and now that counts” and as the person of greatness is attending the very same marketing target audience, the very same networking meetings and the very same exhibitions or expos as they are rapidly being named, as the same people who are not worthy – you can’t but just ask yourself “So what’s the difference – am I missing something?”


We’d suggest that you’re not missing anything other than perhaps the pure enjoyment of being in your own company if you’re the person of perceived greatness.


Perhaps a bit of a cliché but no one is better than anyone; they may however just have different abilities at any given time.


We struggle like anyone else in trying to run the Connect WM business as people think that we’re funded when we’re not – but you will not get us saying how fantastic or brilliant we are; we just stay focused as yes you’ve guessed it  “it’s the here and now that counts”.


SME’s at the start of their business life unknowingly put extra pressure and stress on themselves by starting out by firmly believing their own illusions of greatness – and it’s not long before all their focus and attention is on how to portray yet more perceived greatness that sadly the day to day running of the business is overlooked and when the fantastic contract with their number 1 customer comes to an end their just like any other SME are, in deep do do…!


As it’s the here and now that counts, SME’s need to be focused on exactly that, and when attending meetings and exhibitions no matter how much against the grain it may be to speak with those less worthy, perhaps you should speak as you never know what little snippet of information could be gleamed, and what dare we say it “experience” they may have in a certain situation which, perhaps the very same situation which “oh graciousness” is experiencing.


Sadly throughout history there have been those people usually world leaders who believed they were great and then formed an army – Networking has brought a new twist to the working person’s (see politically correct) greatness – you can now get a room full of great people who now not only believe that they’re great but they also believe others in their tight nit group are great also – giving testimonials of this for all to see.


Reality is “it’s the here and now that counts” and therefore ask yourself a question can you physically trade, can you physically operate in the traditional way without wheedling your way in to the favours of others - just like those SME’s who are perceived as not worthy have to operate.