I haven’t got time to give, I need to take

Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI famously coined the term 'givers gain' in making reference to passing on of referrals being summed up in “ The more you pass on, the more you get back” but do you believe in it, do you understand it, I suppose we’re asking do you really have time for it?


Do you have time to turn up to events and networking meetings in the full knowledge and expectation that you have to give out things such as referrals and recommendations rather than seeking the business which would line your own pockets?


It’s a hard thing to come to terms with, but there are those people out there who believe 100% in the methodology of ‘givers gain’ but there are also business folk out there who  poo- poo that belief and are out for all they can get….are they right? Are they wrong?


Who really knows the answer? Or does it really matter as it’s ultimately down to what works for you?


The problem with ‘givers gain’ is that you can be known for being the person in the know, knowing the right person at the right time meaning that’s all everyone see’s you for – not the fact you have a business of your own from which you’re actively looking to promote and sell your own products and services.


Perhaps a little crazy we know but we have come across so many prolific ‘networkers’ who think they’re doing great because of all the people their meeting, all the social media connections which they’ve made…yet their own business isn’t exactly setting the world alight….why is this?


For those business who are out for what they can get it could be argued that they have the right idea – as it’s the obtaining of business which will put food on the table, of course if such businesses are not successful in actually getting or taking advantage of all they can get then the question has to be asked….do they really know what they’re doing? Do they understand what networking is?


No matter who you talk to you’ll get different answers and views and unless they come close to your own view you’ll think that they’re all wrong.


But ask yourselves this most basic of questions “in this current climate do you have time for all this givers gain stuff” have you really got time to wait in the hope that people who perhaps you haven’t even met yet are likely to help you any time soon (say within the next 3-6 months).


The harsh reality is of course some will and some definitely won’t despite all the false promises made in a networking meeting, over time you’ll wittiness such as a huge waste of ink and referral slips.


Those that will help may be misguided in their help as they do not fully understand what it is you’re after, they will make assumptions or in their eagerness to assist, they will make referral introduction to someone else who they have just recently meet at a networking event.


If you haven’t got time for ‘givers gain’ then you need to ensure that you at the very least have time to connect, because by connecting to a business’s products and services awards better understanding of what fits best with them and you. If you're the type that takes, then flip it around and connect so you get an understanding of what fits best with you first and others second.