How many businesses can achieve the Sales?

In this current period businesses have had to try things which they are not comfortable with, but know that they need to take action and find new strategies to attract more business.


Telesales and Telemarketing is a way to produce results, with the success average claimed to be 10 contacts results in 1 sale – (a 10 to 1 ratio)


But today due to people and businesses being busy coupled with protective members of staff - it can be almost impossible to get in touch with a decision maker.


A company may ring a prospect and the answer will be “he is not available and he will ring you back”, but does that happen? No.... more often than not nothing is heard. Now you could consider that rude and showing a lack of respect towards another local business.


Even more frustrating is when a local company has connected and purchased items and supplies from another local business and as a result the company has then asked for support to their own business services and products. Unfortunately more often than not this will be just simply ignored not boding well for local business interaction.


Why does this happen, is it a misunderstanding, or having no value to the service and products being offered, or is it a lack of respect and ignorance in how their business operation good be viewed......


These types of businesses may just be missing a trick, it’s hard enough attracting business and being localised, but if local businesses have the attitude that they are too good or big to deal with the local minions or new start-ups, or perhaps maybe they feel that they are speaking to the wrong people? Then having such an attitude may at some point come back to bite them!


Businesses are busy and often don’t have the time to speak to everyone, which is understandable but sometimes it can be soul destroying to those on the other end of the phone - they understand that they have no divine right for an answer but when they ask for a decision it can be very frustrating, to be given the chase around or ignored and disrespected.


Sales and attracting new business is the lifeblood of any business, without results they really do not have a concept which will succeed. Businesses need to learn that resilience and tenacity are the two elements which a business needs to have especially in these tough times.


Businesses can learn all the “buzz words” and read all the text books, even attend all the courses but without the “Will to Win“attitude and desire, they cannot expect things just to happen.


Although hard for most, especially new start-ups as its down to knowledge and experience, all businesses must aim to ensure they have or if not already acquire and sustain the ability to” bounce back”.


Many local Businesses including ‘Connect WM’ have been on the ropes many times but like with everyone what has to be done is to dust down and go again.


The same attitude has to be adopted with the sales procedure, if you can take the knocks all well and good, but if not maybe Business Development or Telesales are not for you and you need to consider what other options you can take – although not sure what this would be other than to work for someone else.


In conclusion there is no wrong or right way but to be able to gain momentum you have to develop a mindset which some people have.


Getting negative answers all the time can affect your confidence and doubt your ability if you feel you can over come all the challenges and setbacks above if not then look for a sales team/person, they are not easy to find but could be the difference  in heading towards success rather than stagnating.