Heard of the Stone Manor Hotel - but do you know where it is?

Last Friday afternoon saw us attend a meeting with Sarah Bassett over at the Stone Manor Hotel, which is just over by Hagley / Harvington area of Worcestershire.


For some people they will readily know about Stone Manor Hotel and where it is, for others they may not realise that they have been there before,  the later being the same for one of the Connect WM team.


Hidden away in the Worcestershire country side Stone Manor Hotel sits within its own 25 acre grounds, catering for various functions such as weddings and business meetings, seminars and workshops.


Sarah Bassett is new to the Stone Manor team with her role being to increase the awareness of the hotel, as well as its services.


During our conversations we were taken around the hotel to see what it has to offer, upon viewing the function rooms it’s evident that all the rooms can quite clearly accommodate varying purposes, incorporating all the usually amenities including wifi.


The Stone Manor Hotel website explains a little bit of its history as:-


The Original Stone Manor sat majestically amid the estate grounds for many years, dating back to the Doomsday Book. Sadly this magnificent building was destroyed by fire.


In 1926,James Culcheth Hill rebuilt Stone Manor as his private dwelling with many of the timber structures being re-sited from the last "Fighting Man of War" to go in to battle under sail. H.M.S ARETHUSA, was built in 1849 at a cost of £97,000, a sum that would probably equate to around £5,000,000 today.


In the late 1960's Stone Manor became a private members club, becoming the first premises to have a swimming pool in the borough which  brought with it many opportunities.


In June 1970 Stone Manor became a Hotel open to the public to enjoy its gardens, tennis court, swimming pool and restaurant - In the mid 1980's building work began extending the premises to what it is today.


Amongst other things Sarah is actively looking to connect with local businesses in order to increase the use of the Hotel for business use wishing to provide a first class service for those training and business networking companies out there looking for a superb venue to utilise.


Should you be interested to see the Stone Manor Hotel yourself to see if what it has to offer is suitable to you and your business needs then we’re sure that Sarah Bassett would duly oblige and give you a guided tour.