Has Birmingham 2011 somehow connected to the Birmingham of the early 80’s?

Trying to connect to a bigger and better local economy is what local businesses strive for; doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay is all that they ask for.


Those that can remember only recently said that with the way the economic climate is going at the moment, it won’t be long before riots start just like they did in the early 80’s.


Last night the prediction came true as West Midlands businesses and residents felt and experienced the news of riots in Birmingham City centre starting.


Those who only predicted something like this happening only a few weeks ago said “see I told you it wouldn’t be long before people took a stance” others would say “it’s long overdue, the government needs to know how we all feel”.


As we were all glued to either our TV’s, Laptops, or Smart phones for news updates we started to become fully aware how organised the riot gangs seemingly were, how they’d avoid the police to re-group somewhere else within the city centre to wreak havoc ……sorry meant to say “make a statement”.


Many of us not being directly involved no doubt we all had and still have a view whether it be either for or against what we all were witnessing.


The Chinese wipers of social media had us all commenting on that supposedly Primark in New Street was on fire, the Bullrings bronze statue having its head sawn off, and a mass march to target the Children’s Hospital.


This then led to the posting and blogging as to what the ethos of the riot meant, how deep and philosophical the message was and how that perhaps a few would think that finally this is the start of the end of the worst economic struggle we have seen.  


So what does the fact that the police are calling for parents to keep their children in tonight say about the reason for the riots – what does it say about the rioters themselves and their upbringing?


As things were evolving last night were  people thinking although perhaps a little naively, that the government and organisations will now listen, how do they feel today looking back at the events and realising that the statement they thought was being made was being done by a high percentage of children in the looting mobile phone and sports shops.


Fact is like anything it’s hard to quantify or reason with; just like in business we do not know or understand why things happen – often when they do, it’s not what was planned or what the real intention was.


No one in their right mind could really condone the riots seen yesterday as they only go to worsening the local economy through the loss of business, and livelihoods. Remember it’s not just the businesses themselves that suffer - it’s the people who work within and utilise such as employees and customers who suffer also.


The rallying calls by people and businesses this morning shows that a majority and not the minority of people are united in wishing to surge forward and work together to move forward. Whilst there are things to be said and feeling to be made known there’s a correct way and a wrong way.


Last night’s way, was the wrong way…..!