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The Birmingham Thistle Hotel looks to host yet more business events.

During the week saw one of the Connect WM team head over to the Birmingham Thistle Hotel which is positioned within the City Centre by the Children’s Hospital for a scheduled meeting with Tara Sanchez who is the new Sales Manager for the hotel.
As many people will know the road layout within a certain section within Birmingham City Centre has changed over recent years and it is within this area where the Birmingham Thistle Hotel is placed.
Many of you like us may be familiar with the ‘Royal Angus Hotel’ as being the name of a city centre location hotel, well the biggest shock for the oldies out there was that the Hotel ceased to be known as the Royal Angu ...

The Clarendon Suites looking for Business Growth by putting on a right good show.

Today we paid a visit to the Business Growth Show which was held for the first time at ‘The Clarendon Suites’ just off the Hagley Road Birmingham.
The event was very well attended with early indications showing that a reported 300 plus attendees physically turned up from the 500 or so that actually said they were going to attend.
The Clarendon Suites boasts “that it is the perfect Birmingham venue for every occasion” which is something that you may initially take with a pinch of salt – but once you have looked around its interior and identified what it is that it has to offer, you will undoubtedly be amazed how something of such a calibre is l ...

Heard of the Stone Manor Hotel - but do you know where it is?

Last Friday afternoon saw us attend a meeting with Sarah Bassett over at the Stone Manor Hotel, which is just over by Hagley / Harvington area of Worcestershire.
For some people they will readily know about Stone Manor Hotel and where it is, for others they may not realise that they have been there before,  the later being the same for one of the Connect WM team.
Hidden away in the Worcestershire country side Stone Manor Hotel sits within its own 25 acre grounds, catering for various functions such as weddings and business meetings, seminars and workshops.
Sarah Bassett is new to the Stone Manor team with her role being to increase the awareness of the hotel, ...

Shrewsbury Business Expo was seriously a good day out

Us guys at Connect WM had a day out yesterday and tasted the delights of what the Shropshire region had to offer in terms of business events and of course some of its wonderful scenery.
Off we went leaving the depths of the Black Country and headed bright and breezy over to the Lord Hill Hotel in Shrewsbury which was where the Shropshire Chamber was holding the second of its Business Expo events of 2011.
As when visiting something new which you’ve never been too before, you’re a little unsure about what to expect and you naturally start to ask yourselves questions such as, “will it be any good”, and “will it be worth it” – well in ...

Walsall Football Club does events you know

The other week we were invited along to Walsall Football club for an afternoon event, in which the aim was for them to showcase their event and conferencing services.
The event was well attended, even the Lord Mayor of Walsall was there giving us a talk on the importance on how local Walsall businesses need to have access to each other in order to trade locally and grow.
As we all drive down the M6 we all see the Banks’s Stadium just as were going past junction 9 and a big massive sign advertising their website M6J9 – but how many of us actually take it in and take on board the fact that they do events and how many of us bother to find out what it is they offer? ...

Has Birmingham 2011 somehow connected to the Birmingham of the early 80’s?

Trying to connect to a bigger and better local economy is what local businesses strive for; doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay is all that they ask for.
Those that can remember only recently said that with the way the economic climate is going at the moment, it won’t be long before riots start just like they did in the early 80’s.
Last night the prediction came true as West Midlands businesses and residents felt and experienced the news of riots in Birmingham City centre starting.
Those who only predicted something like this happening only a few weeks ago said “see I told you it wouldn’t be long before people took ...

Jean Martyn from Brewood South Staffordshire connects to the Britain’s Got Talent public

So Britain’s Got Talent is over for another year, and last night saw our own local regional representative Jean Martyn from Brewood South Staffordshire come 10th.
The publicity machine of the Britain’s Got Talent show seems to have done the trick again this year, with stories leaked to the press of a fix, and secret grooming for stardom - you do wonder how much of it is actually media generated or self generated.
Throughout the series Jean from Brewood South Staffordshire seemed to have managed to connect to all the judges as they liked her happy smiley face and the enthusiasm in wish to perform and entertain through her playing of the keyboard.
I ...

Did the West Midlands consumers connect to the apprentice beauty products task?

Last night’s episode of the apprentice saw all the candidates travel to the West Midlands to undertake their latest task, in selling beauty products.
The candidate which by the way still has Black Country based Melody Hossaini still in contention for the prize of a business partnership with Lord Sugar.
If you have been regularly watching the apprentice this season you will no doubt be struck on how it’s not any different to any other year, other that the show is being built more and more on the individuals own hype, and that the start of each show seems to focus attention on this which helps connect the audience to the task.
It was amusing to see r ...

Is copper theft, stopping the West Midlands from connecting?

It’s not exactly mind blowing to know that there are many ways to travel around the West Midlands region, due to current local economic climate a lot of the regions workforce are now tending to prefer to travel to their work places by train.
At most train stations both inside and outside the region there is a place for commuters to park their vehicles, allowing them to then try to sit back and relax while the train gets them to their destination.
The West Midlands region rail system is fairly well connected - with travelling by train now seen as a more cost effective and better way to travel it helps eliminate having to sit in the rush hour traffic and also it is mor ...

Easter bank holiday provides an opportunity to visit and connect with the region.

This year see’s Easter bank holiday fall a lot later than it usually does, and to cap it all it’s at the end of the schools Easter fortnights holiday rather than the usual being at the start of the holiday.
In 2011 due to the way in which the actual Easter bank holiday falls, see’s May Day’s bank holiday appear a week after - also this year we have the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which falls in the middle of the week between Easter and May day...the royal wedding being with yet another bank holiday.
As children we loved bank holidays as they held a special meaning for us...somehow they were day out milestones which me ...