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Bournville College now provides a quality venue for your next business event

This week saw us head over to visit the new Bournville College to have a meeting with a number of its personnel as well as a tour around the college and its facilities.
For those that may not beware Bournville College used to be situated on the Bristol Road between the Selly Oak and Northfield areas of Birmingham.
In August 2011 it moved to its new £63 million purpose built facility on what once was part of the old MG Rover site, and in all honesty as you drive down the Bristol Road towards the Lickey Hills you will not be able to miss the new college as it is colourfully situated by the main set of traffic lights where you turn left for Longbridge Train Station.
&n ...

Heard of the Stone Manor Hotel - but do you know where it is?

Last Friday afternoon saw us attend a meeting with Sarah Bassett over at the Stone Manor Hotel, which is just over by Hagley / Harvington area of Worcestershire.
For some people they will readily know about Stone Manor Hotel and where it is, for others they may not realise that they have been there before,  the later being the same for one of the Connect WM team.
Hidden away in the Worcestershire country side Stone Manor Hotel sits within its own 25 acre grounds, catering for various functions such as weddings and business meetings, seminars and workshops.
Sarah Bassett is new to the Stone Manor team with her role being to increase the awareness of the hotel, ...

Black Country Chamber of Commerce event opens at the Public

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce held their latest exhibition and networking event on the 9th November in their drive to help Connect the Black Country and its businesses, the venue where it was held was the Public in West Bromwich town centre with over 130 delegates attending.
For those in the know you’ll of course be aware that the Black Country Chamber of Commerce regularly hold such events throughout the year as a way for both Chamber members and local Black Country business members to come together and introduce themselves to each other.
The exhibition which was held at The Public in West Bromwich had some familiar faces as exhibitors, which is always good a ...

Frustrations, issues and challenges are faced in The Den at the Custard Factory

Last night we headed towards Birmingham City centre and attended a taster session meeting at the custard factory.
The meeting was being hosted by a newish group called ‘The Den’ and its aim being for its members to meet once a month and share the frustrations, issues and challenges they face, as they grow their business. They then provide each other with practical solutions and hold each other accountable for the actions that they plan to take.
It’s fair to say that a majority of those in attendance appeared to be either new or recent start up’s which is a good thing, when you consider that the founder of ‘The Den’ Joel Graham-Blake is al ...

Start Up Black Country are starting up themselves

Following on from our attendance at the Start Up Black Country event the other week we had a follow up meeting with Gary Lennon who is one of the local champions for Start Up Britain. Being unable to talk to each other at the original event we felt it would be remiss not to speak with each other as elements of what each of us are trying to do with our respective businesses are the same, for the same reason and to reach the same goal. 
So our second re-visit to the Wolverhampton Science park in as many weeks happened in glorious unseasonal warm October weather – with the sun shining and the birds singing …..What more could you ask? 
Arriving slightly late meant t ...

All aboard for Start Up Britain next stop Wolverhampton Science Park

The Start up Britain bus arrived in the Black Country on the 21st September, stopping at the Wolverhampton Science Park for a couple of hours. 
Its arrival allowed local Black Country based SME’s and new start up’s to engage in conversation with those business organisations which may be able to help and offer assistance, whether it’s through financial or business support. 
The event was organised by Gary Lennon who has undertaken the role of championing Start Up Britain in the Black Country. 
The event seemed to go well, but one has to remember that the event with a title like ‘Start Up Black Country’ it’s targeted for the specific purpos ...

Do you sing 'thanks bye' at the end of your phone calls?

Have you ever caught yourself more or less singing “thanks bye” when finishing a sales call on the phone.
Yes of course you have…….but many of you will deny it or say I never sing “thanks bye” I just say it softer and with more inflection - either way the question would be the same which is “have you ever wondered why you do it”.
Could it be that subconsciously you felt the sales call went really well and excitement took over and was reflected at the end of the call with you speaking in a much warmer and friendly tone?
Perhaps it might be that you were mimicking the voice on the other end of the line, especially if ...

Do businesses connect to the training on offer if marketed through a poster in the window!

Yesterday was a day on the phones focusing on training companies based within the West Midlands region for inclusion within our Training WM section?
You’d expect that talking to training companies would be a similar experience in that you’d say the same things to them, and then they’d say the same things to you – oh how wrong could you be...!
Talking to some training companies based within the West Midlands is like extracting teeth, trying to find the right person to talk too, or even knowing the right person to speak with - but not being able to because they are protected by the gate keeper whose job is to ward off the evil sales call spirit.
&nbs ...

Training WM trying to make it easy for local businesses to connect to training in the West Midlands?

As we already know part of running a successful local business involves more than just hard graft.
One area that we all know or hope will help and therefore dabble in from time to time is that of training and coaching, which for employees and business owners can play a vital part of not only enhancing knowledge but can create better efficiency and effectiveness through team building as well as meeting with legislative requirements such as health and safety.
Throughout the region there are varying training companies and individuals who specialise in providing certain training aspects and these can range from business coaching, wealth creation, public speaking, first aid, pr ...

The seconds connect minutes which then connect to hours...Where’s the day gone?

Many people are creatures of habit; they have their own little routine which must be obeyed such as having a fag and a cup of coffee as soon as they arrive at the office – or switching on the computer and seeing what emails they have.
Surprisingly such routine habits are not often transposed within what you would term as normal business actives; they remain more of a personal preparation or personal welfare, making sure the body and mind are set as best they can be for the day ahead.
Having such habits may be easy to follow or keep a tight rein on if your employed and working for someone, as there is structure present you know what the start and finish times are, you ...