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Is copper theft, stopping the West Midlands from connecting?

It’s not exactly mind blowing to know that there are many ways to travel around the West Midlands region, due to current local economic climate a lot of the regions workforce are now tending to prefer to travel to their work places by train.
At most train stations both inside and outside the region there is a place for commuters to park their vehicles, allowing them to then try to sit back and relax while the train gets them to their destination.
The West Midlands region rail system is fairly well connected - with travelling by train now seen as a more cost effective and better way to travel it helps eliminate having to sit in the rush hour traffic and also it is mor ...

Pot calling the Kettle Black springs to mind....

As you know Connect WM only acts for and deals with businesses and consumers within the West Midlands region.
An enlightening episode took place this afternoon as we looked to assist companies outside of the region but who provide supply within the West Midlands.
We spoke, or perhaps should say we tried to speak with a company based down in Bournemouth who regularly sends out mailers promoting their various training courses throughout the West Midlands region as well as all over the UK.
We were looking to highlight their various courses to the West Midlands under our ‘Training WM’ banner.
The person who answered to phone to us changed thei ...

So did the apprentice candidates connect with each other?

Last night saw the start of series 7 of the Apprentice, and this year out of all the 16 candidates only one ‘Melody Hossaini’ is located from within the West Mildands - Walsall in the Black Country to be exact.
We all know that in part how the Apprentice show is perceived by us viewers is all down to how it’s edited, but surely all the candidates on it this season cannot think so highly of themselves so as to throw all rational straight out of the window.
At the start we saw each of the candidates try to connect with us the public by staring straight down the cameras lens and saying very humours things like:-

“I’m the best of breed ...

The Black Country Chamber Event at the Copthorne Hotel Merry Hill.

Today saw the start of us getting back out into the marketplace after spending weeks stuck behind the desk doing the recent upgrade to the Connect WM site.
So The Black Country Chamber exhibition event which was held at the Copthorne Hotel at Merry Hill is where we headed off towards.
It was held this morning between 10.00am – 12.00pm – unfortunately due to parking difficulties we had to park a fair way from the event so we were unable to maximise the time spent there, but nevertheless the event was well attended and we saw some old faces and some new.
Like any event it’s not wise to run around and talk to absolutely everyone – depending on ...

The Black Country connects manufacturing to the region.

It is fair to say that manufacturing within the West Midlands has a history, even more so within an area within the West Midlands which is known as ‘The Black Country’.
The Black Country is an area which is affectionately referred to by some West Midlanders; it’s hardly unlikely that you will see ‘The Black Country’ listed on any map.
It covers the four Metropolitan District Councils of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton and often it’s the term ‘The Black Country’ which is used to connect it to businesses locally and further into the depths of the West Midlands region and beyond.
It gained its name in the ...

Hype isn't always a good thing as it will un-connect you're business

Many people and businesses start off with the best of intentions, their ideas are unique to them, their capabilities are unique to them, they way in which they intent their business, its products and services to operate are unique to them....well let us just say”oh really”.
Fact is all business think that its they who are unique so let’s shout about it.....truth is their not, the harsh reality of truth is people listen to what’s said and think otherwise its human nature
In fact by blurting out how great you are....... what it is you can do better than anyone else is doing you more harm than good.
The proof in is in the pudding......!

Business Utilities - What do I need to sign and why?

Over the past month our sister company Squashed Bills has been able to connect with an organisation that will help businesses get a better deal on their business utilities. The company is a major UK commercial player and are approved by the major energy suppliers for the provision of Gas and Electric services to SME’s right up to large organisations.
The process of being able to find a company who we can work with has been difficult as a lot of other businesses are very willing but don’t have the systems set up to be able to provide a quality service . Our ethics are to provide a quality service and where we can be in control of the process and have confidence in our par ...