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There’s just no give

A recent conversation with a few local banks has suggested that although there is no financial help available to small businesses – there somehow according to them seems to be an increase in the amount of start ups looking to open up a bank account.
How or why can this be?
It’s one thing opening a bank account, it’s quite another actually using a bank account - meaning that you have to put something in it to be able to get something out of it.
The banking reigns are even tighter and their becoming more disciplined with the conditions of use of their bank accounts……all this now tends to result in absolutely ‘no give’ curre ...

Marketing in the West Midlands is it all about perception and / or digestion?

Marketing is a word which is used to mean many things by many people.
It’s probably fair to say that there is in the business world undoubtedly not only a divide in the theory of its use - but also to the effectiveness and purpose per say.
Marketing is used to connect with businesses and consumers in the identification of a company via brand awareness as well as driving home a product or service.
The view for many a small businesses is that marketing is simply a case of handing out a business card, or getting a leaflet done and either shoving it through the door or into someone’s hand…..job done…!
Others, such as well established ...

It’s getting more regular that we are thought of as being funded

During our many conversations with businesses and organisations whereby we’re contacting them to be a member of our Connect WM site, time and time again we’re asked “are you funded” and if we’re not asked the question out right, the assumption is that we are.
For some reason we used to take this as a negative (perhaps because we’re not funded), but the more we talk to organisations the more we think “we must be on to a winner here” – or could it be that what we have produced is of equal standing, and the perception of us as such an organisation being out there done without being funded with substantial amounts of money is possibl ...

We looked to connect to an Intellectual Property seminar knowing we could find it in Birmingham

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, we got into our car and headed to the Find it in Birmingham breakfast event being held at the Birmingham Hippodrome for 6.45am.
It was the second time only that we have been to their breakfast meeting, and again it proved to be useful and informative as well as filling (in the food department if you know what we mean).
The event was originally billed as being their first chargeable breakfast event to be held, but quite recently a decision was made for this meeting to be a free trail meeting for new potential paying Find it in Birmingham members to see what they get for their buck.
The seminar was carried out by Gary To ...

Was it easy for Melody Hossaini to connect to the export of products in the apprentice?

Last night was ‘The Apprentice’ night which severed up a delightful guide on how to export (or not as the case may be), all be it on a very small scale.
The task was to select some products from the UK, which were currently not on sale in France, to  see how many items they could sell by targeting their selling base for a couple of days in Paris.
Black Country based Melody Hossaini seemed to be prominent throughout this task for a number of reasons, it just depends which side of the fence you sit on whether she was good or bad in your view.
Off Melody went with another team member to Paris to try and set up some appointments with supply and re ...

Does your website connect or hinder your business.

With the first barrier being that most local businesses realise that they need a website the second barrier is for them to come to terms with the fact that they don’t need just any old website.
It is true to say that businesses today need some sort of web presence, however, they do need to be careful as to how this is interpreted, if the presence is something really atrocious, it’s far better not to have a web presence at all – the reason being “First Impressions Count”.
How, where or who you get your website from is of course a choice which anyone is free to make, but be careful of friends and colleagues having a dabble whilst they’re fi ...

Training WM trying to make it easy for local businesses to connect to training in the West Midlands?

As we already know part of running a successful local business involves more than just hard graft.
One area that we all know or hope will help and therefore dabble in from time to time is that of training and coaching, which for employees and business owners can play a vital part of not only enhancing knowledge but can create better efficiency and effectiveness through team building as well as meeting with legislative requirements such as health and safety.
Throughout the region there are varying training companies and individuals who specialise in providing certain training aspects and these can range from business coaching, wealth creation, public speaking, first aid, pr ...

Are you one of the many who ask 'Why is no one backing my start up business?'

Perhaps the one biggest thing which many businesses say to themselves time and time again in total and utter disbelief is “Why is no one backing my start up business” and the cruel reality is because no one really cares, they’ve heard it all before.
Perhaps the above is too much of a harsh statement but the sentiment is exactly the same – no one cares!
In high street finance when we say no one really cares, perhaps some do but their hands are tied, but a majority of the time it’s because they’re not prepared to take a risk – and why should they as many who go this route aren’t even prepared to fund or part fund themselves?
&n ...

The 'Do you wanna scrap' phrase used to have a whole different meaning than it does today?

The scrap metal business is a growing, in fact currently it’s a booming business – it would seem that anyone who is anyone fancies working in the scrap metal business.
Only a few weeks ago on the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ we saw how both teams were challenged to making money out of nothing, and they did.
Although money can be made in the scrap business, you need to beware that there are some forms of scrap you get paid for, but there are other forms of scrap you have to pay for in order to be able to dispose of. It would appear that there is an art to the scrap industry and attention needs to be paid to scrap metal in particular.
Now obv ...

Trigate House connects local businesses to office space.

The other day we called to see Helen and Philip at Trigate house, where they specialise in the onsite provision of small to medium office space to businesses on a short or long term lease arrangement.
For those that don’t know Trigate House, it’s based on the corner where the Hagley Road West meets the Wolverhampton Road next to Floors 2 Go, opposite the Amber Tavern pub and not far from where Jonathans Hotel and Restaurant used to be.
 We called by - because of Twitter, we where directly messaged by Helen as she was actively looking to connect with us in order to promote the services which they as a local business are offering; as well as to inform us of a ...