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Funding by Networking is a culmination of common business practices

Funding by Networking is a culmination of common business practices to try and provide a funding solution to the local business. 
For those businesses, who already participate within business networking, they loosely know the perceived ethos of networking and as a result, accept what’s required as well as what can happen by being part of the business networking culture. 
Unfortunately as with everything perception is paramount and currently there are so many different variants on the business networking model - which has now undoubtedly seen a negative impact and has now begun to dilute and affect its original proposed purpose and networking blindness and denial has kicked ...

Chamber Networking at the Paragon Hotel

Last Friday saw us attend the regular monthly networking event which this time round was held at the Paragon Hotel formerly known some years back as the Chamberlain Hotel.
For the Birmingham Chambers first monthly event of 2012 it seemed well organised as well as did the  Paragon Hotel and its staff - well organised and prepared to cater for the event.
Yet just like in 2011, 2010, 2009……… it never seems to amaze that whilst the event was being held for the benefit of members and the many small businesses within the Midlands, and still there are those business folk that perhaps despite of any New Year resolutions to do things differently, they ...

HSBC New Street a gathering place for small businesses to meet

The New Street branch was the latest HSBC branch to host a small business networking event, whereby local Birmingham businesses were able to attend and be able to network as well as listen to a number of speakers talk about their own views on business and what their inspiration was and continues to be.
There were of course a few familiar faces the first of which was Edward van der Kleijn from Partnerships for Marketing who advised us that they have just recently moved from their Shirley location of two years to the Custard Factory in Digbeth Birmingham.
Whilst talking to Edward a person by the name of Shah Hussain from a company called Braxton Knight introduced himself exp ...

The Jury was in for the Birmingham Chamber Networking event

Yesterday the Jury’s Inn which is located on Birmingham’s Broad Street hosted the latest Birmingham Chamber Networking event which allowed local businesses to turn up as delegates and engage with other delegates and event exhibitors.
The attendance to the event seemed quite good and although hard to explain it had a different feel to it when compared to other local events in the West Midlands. It seemed that a vast majority of attendees who turned up seemed to be suited and booted, some would say they were more of a corporate type person although that was not the case when actually speaking to people and find out what it was they do and where they work.
One of t ...

Birmingham City shows where to go for local Businesses growth

In mid September we saw the latest Business Growth Show event take place at St Andrews (Birmingham City Football Club).
The event which is one of many events being held in the West Midlands throughout the year was well attended  in excess of about 350 people throughout the 6 hours which the event took place.
Upon arrival we saw a few familiar faces such as Nathan Roberts from Blue Cube Media, brothers Phil Savva and Chris Savva who each run their own individual property lettings and management businesses, and Baljindra Butter from BSB Internet Consultancy Ltd.
However, we did meet some new faces such as Paul Painter who is a photographer by trade, having ...

I haven’t got time to give, I need to take

Ivan Misner, the founder of BNI famously coined the term 'givers gain' in making reference to passing on of referrals being summed up in “ The more you pass on, the more you get back” but do you believe in it, do you understand it, I suppose we’re asking do you really have time for it?
Do you have time to turn up to events and networking meetings in the full knowledge and expectation that you have to give out things such as referrals and recommendations rather than seeking the business which would line your own pockets?
It’s a hard thing to come to terms with, but there are those people out there who believe 100% in the methodology of ‘givers g ...

Is it better to be LinkedIn than LinkedOut?

As Björk used to say when singing in her own unique style “it’s so quiet” – currently everything seems to have a real mid air sensation to business activities whereby local businesses don’t really seem to be doing much in way of anything productive. When we say productive what we actually mean is obtaining a result.
Either those businesses you need to talk too are not there, or the person you need to speak to is on holiday, the decision on the order your were promised a few weeks back all of a sudden seems to have gone skywards with still no real confirmation on whether it’s a yes or a no.
If you look out your windows, or even whilst ...

Is Pat on the Back networking, real networking?

Local business people set their alarms late at night in order to wake themselves up at unearthly hours of the morning so that they can head off to a breakfast networking group meeting. Sometimes the meeting may be local to them other times they may have an hour’s or so drive ahead of them before they can stand up and do a 60 seconds presentation.
Nevertheless the will, the drive and the commitment is there for those who trundle along and see what it has to offer – they’ll stay for the meeting and perhaps hang around for a little while afterwards and then head back home or straight to the office ready to start the business day in earnest.
Of course it would ...

Business Biscotti meets at Grosvenor Casino to connect with local businesses

We headed off this morning to a networking meeting which we came by through Twitter.
The meeting was held by ‘Business Biscotti’ and apparently is fairly new in the West Midlands area originally starting down south it’s looking to expand throughout the UK.  Its uniqueness if you like is the fact that it is FREE to attend and there are no 60 seconds and no presentations, you literally just drop in between the hours it’s held (10.00am – 12.00pm) and stay the full time or as little as 15 minutes the choice is yours.
The meeting this morning was held at the Grosvenor Casino (G Casino) on Broad Street Birmingham, which seems to be a growing and ...

We connected to the access to finance seminar at the Aston Science Park

This morning saw us up relatively early heading off to the Aston Science Park to attend an Access to Finance meeting held and organised by Finance Birmingham.
The Access to Finance meeting catered for the over subscription to the same meeting which took place in May this year, and saw about 60 people attend all eager to known about finance in the West Midlands.
Upon arrival we did the usual by heading straight for the tea and coffees – whilst pouring the tea and coffee Bill Douthwaite from Horizon Consultancy Services Ltd introduced himself to us, explaining about his business and how his client base are all over the Midlands, heading into the East Midlands.