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What are your random sales emails like?

Don’t know about you, but recently we have seen a massive increase in the use of random emails which promote a company and / or its wares.
Some emails are sent through what we’d refer to as the normal way i.e. through the likes of outlook express and Gmail, and others are being sent more and more via the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter direct messages.
How do you look at such activity? Is it a sales action? Or is it an action of desperation?
For us personally we do feel that engagement is what’s needed, and this can be achieved via emails and newsletters to a cleansed database. We tend to immediately ignore the random sales type messages which come ...

Marketing in the West Midlands is it all about perception and / or digestion?

Marketing is a word which is used to mean many things by many people.
It’s probably fair to say that there is in the business world undoubtedly not only a divide in the theory of its use - but also to the effectiveness and purpose per say.
Marketing is used to connect with businesses and consumers in the identification of a company via brand awareness as well as driving home a product or service.
The view for many a small businesses is that marketing is simply a case of handing out a business card, or getting a leaflet done and either shoving it through the door or into someone’s hand…..job done…!
Others, such as well established ...

47.6 percent of business sales come from online.

You may think blimey let’s get me a user-name and password and get posting - because of the staggering fact that nearly 50% of business sales are now being done online.
Before we go too far down the wrong road let us just say that we haven’t got a clue what the real percentage is - because we’ve made that figure up or should we say inadvertently been miss guided, just like a lot of other people are  when trying to sell something.
The point being, that the eye catching statements when appealing to the need and want and even the desperation of others will always stand a better chance of being believed.
You’ll hear many businesses say that ...

Has Birmingham 2011 somehow connected to the Birmingham of the early 80’s?

Trying to connect to a bigger and better local economy is what local businesses strive for; doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay is all that they ask for.
Those that can remember only recently said that with the way the economic climate is going at the moment, it won’t be long before riots start just like they did in the early 80’s.
Last night the prediction came true as West Midlands businesses and residents felt and experienced the news of riots in Birmingham City centre starting.
Those who only predicted something like this happening only a few weeks ago said “see I told you it wouldn’t be long before people took ...

The Social Media Riots

If you ever doubted the power of social media in today’s world, the organised riots in Birmingham yesterday and throughout the night was proof of just how much power it contains, the vast amount of usership it has as well as on the negative side how much harm it can contribute towards, as in yesterdays case the possible escalation of the riots not only in Birmingham City centre, but elsewhere around the country such as Liverpool and Bristol and the wider London area.
Of course it’s silly to blame social media for the reason for riots; the point being made here is that fact of the power of social media as a communication tool.
As reported in the news and social ...

Is a Facebook page good for business?

With Facebook now considered being the leader and preferred choice of many participating in social media as it seemingly provides a great way for fans to market their business – all may not be ubur positive and a few things should be seriously considered.
The Facebook Like value
Many businesses race ahead in getting their customers and friends to like their business page – but a Facebook ‘Like’ may not be as good as good for them as they would otherwise think, as its use by many is now for a totally different purpose for which it was first intended.
Originally its purpose was to gather data and share interests as well as metric to dictate t ...

Is it better to be LinkedIn than LinkedOut?

As Björk used to say when singing in her own unique style “it’s so quiet” – currently everything seems to have a real mid air sensation to business activities whereby local businesses don’t really seem to be doing much in way of anything productive. When we say productive what we actually mean is obtaining a result.
Either those businesses you need to talk too are not there, or the person you need to speak to is on holiday, the decision on the order your were promised a few weeks back all of a sudden seems to have gone skywards with still no real confirmation on whether it’s a yes or a no.
If you look out your windows, or even whilst ...

If you hear the same techie jargon long enough you think you’ll connect to it - or do you!

The way in which we businesses like to communicate our marketing messages are becoming more shorter, more crisper, more to the point – this is because we’re being forced to do so when using online techniques especially social media.
Twitter only allows us to use 140 characters to get a message out there into the ether and for those businesses who like to write war and peace to get every last detail into a marketing message have found it hard work to come to terms with the latest marketing tool.
If you go back when Twitter first started no-one really saw what the public point was, as initially it was meant to be used as a tool for techies to communicate with each ...

Is FREE something you want or expect? Or is that all you can afford?

Years ago businesses were in the market to make things, making a physically produced product through sweat, blood and tears in order to make an honest living.
In these modern days via technology see’s a shift happening whereby making a living can be done virtually.
Somehow the business industry seems to have educated existing as well as new businesses in wanting (nay expecting) things for free, whether it is a taster of a company’s product or service or the promise of collaboration to greater things such as wealth and riches beyond dreams.
Recent times has seen businesses tap into business help organisations to facilitate their wares whereby the busines ...

We looked to connect to an Intellectual Property seminar knowing we could find it in Birmingham

Early one morning, just as the sun was rising, we got into our car and headed to the Find it in Birmingham breakfast event being held at the Birmingham Hippodrome for 6.45am.
It was the second time only that we have been to their breakfast meeting, and again it proved to be useful and informative as well as filling (in the food department if you know what we mean).
The event was originally billed as being their first chargeable breakfast event to be held, but quite recently a decision was made for this meeting to be a free trail meeting for new potential paying Find it in Birmingham members to see what they get for their buck.
The seminar was carried out by Gary To ...