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Obvious perhaps but do you know how to help this winter

The cold weather is starting to bite this week, so you may wish to take note of some of the details below to help you to take good care this winter.
Services at pharmacies include:

Dispensing prescriptions and selling medicines only legally available from a pharmacy
Expert confidential advice on treating many health problems
Help in choosing the right over-the-counter medicine
Advice about the correct use of medicines
Advice if you are unsure whether you need to see your GP
Collection of repeat prescriptions from your doctor’s surgery and delivery of medicines to your home
Emergency contraception (‘morning-afte ...

Has Birmingham 2011 somehow connected to the Birmingham of the early 80’s?

Trying to connect to a bigger and better local economy is what local businesses strive for; doing an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay is all that they ask for.
Those that can remember only recently said that with the way the economic climate is going at the moment, it won’t be long before riots start just like they did in the early 80’s.
Last night the prediction came true as West Midlands businesses and residents felt and experienced the news of riots in Birmingham City centre starting.
Those who only predicted something like this happening only a few weeks ago said “see I told you it wouldn’t be long before people took ...

The Social Media Riots

If you ever doubted the power of social media in today’s world, the organised riots in Birmingham yesterday and throughout the night was proof of just how much power it contains, the vast amount of usership it has as well as on the negative side how much harm it can contribute towards, as in yesterdays case the possible escalation of the riots not only in Birmingham City centre, but elsewhere around the country such as Liverpool and Bristol and the wider London area.
Of course it’s silly to blame social media for the reason for riots; the point being made here is that fact of the power of social media as a communication tool.
As reported in the news and social ...

Jean Martyn from Brewood South Staffordshire connects to the Britain’s Got Talent public

So Britain’s Got Talent is over for another year, and last night saw our own local regional representative Jean Martyn from Brewood South Staffordshire come 10th.
The publicity machine of the Britain’s Got Talent show seems to have done the trick again this year, with stories leaked to the press of a fix, and secret grooming for stardom - you do wonder how much of it is actually media generated or self generated.
Throughout the series Jean from Brewood South Staffordshire seemed to have managed to connect to all the judges as they liked her happy smiley face and the enthusiasm in wish to perform and entertain through her playing of the keyboard.
I ...

Does the negative news help connect the X Factor to the public.

For some cynics out there they will say that there’s is no denying that Simon Cowell, and the marketing people within the shows production companies are playing an absolute blinder on marketing the show through the United Kingdom.
With the whole foray Cheryl Cole, and Dannie Minogue thing, along with Simon Cowell being over in the USA babysitting the American version of the X factor rather than the UK’s, it’s hard to believe that there is such up roar without alternative motives about a show that’s about looking for talent.
The show is supposed to come to Birmingham within the next few weeks for the next round of singing hopefuls from around the West ...

Birmingham City fail to stay connected to the premier league

Over the weekend the final premier league games of the 2010-11 season were played; and we all know that during the final minutes of all the matches the teams facing the drop where changing by the minute.
One local team Birmingham City started their match just outside the relegation zone, but 90 minutes later they had dropped into the zone of, off they go into obscurity of the championship for however long it takes them to return to premiership status – perhaps a hard pill to swallow for the high flying Birmingham City footballers.
Only this morning on the radio Birmingham City striker Kevin Philips said that he now feared for Birmingham City that they may not move str ...

Is copper theft, stopping the West Midlands from connecting?

It’s not exactly mind blowing to know that there are many ways to travel around the West Midlands region, due to current local economic climate a lot of the regions workforce are now tending to prefer to travel to their work places by train.
At most train stations both inside and outside the region there is a place for commuters to park their vehicles, allowing them to then try to sit back and relax while the train gets them to their destination.
The West Midlands region rail system is fairly well connected - with travelling by train now seen as a more cost effective and better way to travel it helps eliminate having to sit in the rush hour traffic and also it is mor ...

Is local election failure similar to a small business spinning a yarn to the bank manger?

The day after the voting had closed, local election results started to trickle through....everyone’s was asking and wondering....! “Did the local candidates connect to the people within their area”?
It would seem clear from early indications that the Liberal Democrats faired pretty badly – with Nick Clegg being on the radio early the morning after saying “it would seem that we are being held totally accountable for what’s happening at the moment – what we need is to pick ourselves up and move forward because we have a lot of important work still to do”.
Well doesn’t everyone......!
Those of you with no political ...

Do you think that a local election is like starting a business?

Tomorrow see’s many schools closed due to the local elections taking place not forgetting also about the AV (Alternative voting) Referendum.
A thought crossed our minds here in the office as to how similar the whole canvassing to get votes is to trying to obtaining backing and/or assistance in starting a business.
Listening to the radio whilst driving this afternoon, people were phoning in and voicing their opinions which naturally contravened those of the election candidates present in the studios.
The candidates where asked a multitude of questions as to how the current coalition government is working, what’s it’s trying to achieve and that it&r ...