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Touch Digital brings Augmented Reality to local West Midlands businesses

Touch Digital who are based within Coventry University held a seminar meeting yesterday about Augmented Reality over at the Village Hotel Walsall just off junction 10 on the M6. 
The seminar gave some brief outlines as to how the use of Augmented Reality could be used within a business marketing strategy ... 
Aug What? Is what you might be asking just now? ...! 
In the simplest of terms Augmented Reality is the provision and use of graphical images/animation which can then be viewed via an iPhone or android phone when pointing it at a target image such as a painting on a wall, or image within a brochure or magazine – even a business card. 
James Collin ...

Do you like to follow or connect via social media?

Last week saw us attend a half-day event about social media held at the Crown Plaza in the centre of Birmingham.
The event was well constructed and focused on the three main aspects of usage within social media, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Presentations took place detailing what’s viewed as the correct usage of the various social media aspects explaining how things such as the different usage of language and grammar is important within posts and updates.
LinkedIn is aimed more towards professional usage through which people look to build and grow their contact base in order to sell themselves, their products and services. With member individuals lo ...

Bournville College now provides a quality venue for your next business event

This week saw us head over to visit the new Bournville College to have a meeting with a number of its personnel as well as a tour around the college and its facilities.
For those that may not beware Bournville College used to be situated on the Bristol Road between the Selly Oak and Northfield areas of Birmingham.
In August 2011 it moved to its new £63 million purpose built facility on what once was part of the old MG Rover site, and in all honesty as you drive down the Bristol Road towards the Lickey Hills you will not be able to miss the new college as it is colourfully situated by the main set of traffic lights where you turn left for Longbridge Train Station.
&n ...

The Clarendon Suites looking for Business Growth by putting on a right good show.

Today we paid a visit to the Business Growth Show which was held for the first time at ‘The Clarendon Suites’ just off the Hagley Road Birmingham.
The event was very well attended with early indications showing that a reported 300 plus attendees physically turned up from the 500 or so that actually said they were going to attend.
The Clarendon Suites boasts “that it is the perfect Birmingham venue for every occasion” which is something that you may initially take with a pinch of salt – but once you have looked around its interior and identified what it is that it has to offer, you will undoubtedly be amazed how something of such a calibre is l ...

It’s the old we have work in your area scam

Small businesses are going to need to be more vigilant as the scamming cold calls are seemingly mounting in volume with the “we represent a number of people in your area” or as the one we’ve just had this morning “we have a number of properties in your area which need flat roofs – I was wondering could you quote”
Whilst some businesses will immediately see the scam calls for what they are - there will be those businesses that will undoubtedly hinge a glimmer of hope on the call in the hope of getting work from it. With realisation starting to sink in towards the end - that it was what it was - something which was too good to be true.

HSBC New Street a gathering place for small businesses to meet

The New Street branch was the latest HSBC branch to host a small business networking event, whereby local Birmingham businesses were able to attend and be able to network as well as listen to a number of speakers talk about their own views on business and what their inspiration was and continues to be.
There were of course a few familiar faces the first of which was Edward van der Kleijn from Partnerships for Marketing who advised us that they have just recently moved from their Shirley location of two years to the Custard Factory in Digbeth Birmingham.
Whilst talking to Edward a person by the name of Shah Hussain from a company called Braxton Knight introduced himself exp ...

The Jury was in for the Birmingham Chamber Networking event

Yesterday the Jury’s Inn which is located on Birmingham’s Broad Street hosted the latest Birmingham Chamber Networking event which allowed local businesses to turn up as delegates and engage with other delegates and event exhibitors.
The attendance to the event seemed quite good and although hard to explain it had a different feel to it when compared to other local events in the West Midlands. It seemed that a vast majority of attendees who turned up seemed to be suited and booted, some would say they were more of a corporate type person although that was not the case when actually speaking to people and find out what it was they do and where they work.
One of t ...

Shrewsbury Business Expo was seriously a good day out

Us guys at Connect WM had a day out yesterday and tasted the delights of what the Shropshire region had to offer in terms of business events and of course some of its wonderful scenery.
Off we went leaving the depths of the Black Country and headed bright and breezy over to the Lord Hill Hotel in Shrewsbury which was where the Shropshire Chamber was holding the second of its Business Expo events of 2011.
As when visiting something new which you’ve never been too before, you’re a little unsure about what to expect and you naturally start to ask yourselves questions such as, “will it be any good”, and “will it be worth it” – well in ...

What are your random sales emails like?

Don’t know about you, but recently we have seen a massive increase in the use of random emails which promote a company and / or its wares.
Some emails are sent through what we’d refer to as the normal way i.e. through the likes of outlook express and Gmail, and others are being sent more and more via the likes of LinkedIn and Twitter direct messages.
How do you look at such activity? Is it a sales action? Or is it an action of desperation?
For us personally we do feel that engagement is what’s needed, and this can be achieved via emails and newsletters to a cleansed database. We tend to immediately ignore the random sales type messages which come ...

We say it’s good - you say it’s phenomenal what’s the difference?

For many businesses the use of the word ‘phenomenal’ seems to be a cool thing to say – the word is used more and more and we take it to mean ‘good’ or perhaps something better than ‘good’.
But previously when something was better that ‘good’ we’d say it was ‘really good’ so does that mean that ‘phenomenal’ is better than ‘really good’?
I guess you know where this is going next...!
When something was better than ‘really good’ we’d say it was ‘really really good’ so we guess that ‘phenomenal’ must be loads better than ‘really ...