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Black Country Chamber of Commerce event opens at the Public

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce held their latest exhibition and networking event on the 9th November in their drive to help Connect the Black Country and its businesses, the venue where it was held was the Public in West Bromwich town centre with over 130 delegates attending.
For those in the know you’ll of course be aware that the Black Country Chamber of Commerce regularly hold such events throughout the year as a way for both Chamber members and local Black Country business members to come together and introduce themselves to each other.
The exhibition which was held at The Public in West Bromwich had some familiar faces as exhibitors, which is always good a ...

There’s just no give

A recent conversation with a few local banks has suggested that although there is no financial help available to small businesses – there somehow according to them seems to be an increase in the amount of start ups looking to open up a bank account.
How or why can this be?
It’s one thing opening a bank account, it’s quite another actually using a bank account - meaning that you have to put something in it to be able to get something out of it.
The banking reigns are even tighter and their becoming more disciplined with the conditions of use of their bank accounts……all this now tends to result in absolutely ‘no give’ curre ...

Printing continues to help local West Midlands businesses connect to their customers

Printing has been the way to connect to current and potentially new customers for donkey’s years.
It used to be that people either went to the expense of having printing done or not…simple as…!
As times have moved on with personal computers and software programmes all of a sudden everyone is an expert in creating their own printed literature and if not an expert, they’ll dam well give it a go to save on costs.
In the old days (and when I say old we’re looking at the last 10 or so years) printing used to be relatively expensive on what you’d call small print run jobs, this was because of printing press set up and the creation of ...

Connect to doing Business in the Balkans, but first find it in Sandwell

We headed off this morning to a bright and early find it in Sandwell networking meeting held at the Sandwell council house.
Normally well attended events, this morning saw the topic being ‘Doing Business in the Balkans’ which involved a presentation by Gary Dawson and Živko Serbic from Business 2 Business UK Serbia (B2BUKS).
The presentation explained how things are changing within the Balkans and in particular Serbia which as we all know has experienced problems over the past 30 years especially when it was previously known as a multiple entity and referred to as Yugoslavia.
B2BUKS act as go between’s in helping local businesses seek  as wel ...

The 'Do you wanna scrap' phrase used to have a whole different meaning than it does today?

The scrap metal business is a growing, in fact currently it’s a booming business – it would seem that anyone who is anyone fancies working in the scrap metal business.
Only a few weeks ago on the BBC’s ‘The Apprentice’ we saw how both teams were challenged to making money out of nothing, and they did.
Although money can be made in the scrap business, you need to beware that there are some forms of scrap you get paid for, but there are other forms of scrap you have to pay for in order to be able to dispose of. It would appear that there is an art to the scrap industry and attention needs to be paid to scrap metal in particular.
Now obv ...

The Black Country connects manufacturing to the region.

It is fair to say that manufacturing within the West Midlands has a history, even more so within an area within the West Midlands which is known as ‘The Black Country’.
The Black Country is an area which is affectionately referred to by some West Midlanders; it’s hardly unlikely that you will see ‘The Black Country’ listed on any map.
It covers the four Metropolitan District Councils of Dudley, Sandwell, Walsall and Wolverhampton and often it’s the term ‘The Black Country’ which is used to connect it to businesses locally and further into the depths of the West Midlands region and beyond.
It gained its name in the ...