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Does a job title make you a better business person?

When running a business it’s quite easy to get caught up in the whole I’m my own boss job title foray, but even before reaching this point there are those people out there who seem to hinge every notch of a job position title on the building of the ladder to their success.
Businesses out there which are run by a sole person and the fact that the business might be limited would by default make them a Director, yet just a plain old simple title like ‘director’ is not now good enough for them.
They have to be a Managing Director – Or – CEO – In some cases a Chairman and the business only contains THEM!
Job titles years ago were plain and simple and t ...

Start Up Black Country are starting up themselves

Following on from our attendance at the Start Up Black Country event the other week we had a follow up meeting with Gary Lennon who is one of the local champions for Start Up Britain. Being unable to talk to each other at the original event we felt it would be remiss not to speak with each other as elements of what each of us are trying to do with our respective businesses are the same, for the same reason and to reach the same goal. 
So our second re-visit to the Wolverhampton Science park in as many weeks happened in glorious unseasonal warm October weather – with the sun shining and the birds singing …..What more could you ask? 
Arriving slightly late meant t ...

All aboard for Start Up Britain next stop Wolverhampton Science Park

The Start up Britain bus arrived in the Black Country on the 21st September, stopping at the Wolverhampton Science Park for a couple of hours. 
Its arrival allowed local Black Country based SME’s and new start up’s to engage in conversation with those business organisations which may be able to help and offer assistance, whether it’s through financial or business support. 
The event was organised by Gary Lennon who has undertaken the role of championing Start Up Britain in the Black Country. 
The event seemed to go well, but one has to remember that the event with a title like ‘Start Up Black Country’ it’s targeted for the specific purpos ...

Melody’s connection in wishing to be the next Apprentice comes to an end!

Last night brought an end to Black Country based Melody Hossaini’s participation in the latest series of The Apprentice.
She was a project manager for the selling and reinvestment task and not listening and connecting to what the task was, proved to be her down fall.
It would seem for many of the project managers in this latest series that they connect more with importance of the title of project manager and not necessarily to what the actually role is or even more scarily was what the purpose of the task is.
Thinking back to those who have so far been fired, a high percentage must be those who were project managers; all hot air and no substance were it count ...

Training WM trying to make it easy for local businesses to connect to training in the West Midlands?

As we already know part of running a successful local business involves more than just hard graft.
One area that we all know or hope will help and therefore dabble in from time to time is that of training and coaching, which for employees and business owners can play a vital part of not only enhancing knowledge but can create better efficiency and effectiveness through team building as well as meeting with legislative requirements such as health and safety.
Throughout the region there are varying training companies and individuals who specialise in providing certain training aspects and these can range from business coaching, wealth creation, public speaking, first aid, pr ...

We connected to the access to finance seminar at the Aston Science Park

This morning saw us up relatively early heading off to the Aston Science Park to attend an Access to Finance meeting held and organised by Finance Birmingham.
The Access to Finance meeting catered for the over subscription to the same meeting which took place in May this year, and saw about 60 people attend all eager to known about finance in the West Midlands.
Upon arrival we did the usual by heading straight for the tea and coffees – whilst pouring the tea and coffee Bill Douthwaite from Horizon Consultancy Services Ltd introduced himself to us, explaining about his business and how his client base are all over the Midlands, heading into the East Midlands.

Who reads you’re Social Media posts?

Employees are spending more and more time online, particularly on social networking sites such as the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon. With often no real thought put into what’s posted - the comments said and the images uploaded.
It’s very important that especially for the young ones out there that they don’t get into online bitching and slagging off sessions as this will ultimately come back and bite them firmly in the rear end, and it will always be at a time when they would least expect it, the same could also be said for the grown ups out there too!
People who forget themselves and make potential harmful posts whilst using so ...