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Would most of the current business people if sitting in the dragons den chair; invest?

Business people watch BBC’s Dragons Den for many reasons; some wish to gain a few hints and tips, others like to watch to have a good laugh at the expense of others, and perhaps surprisingly enough a lesser amount will actually watch to see what the competition is.
As we all know there are FIVE well established and proven business entrepreneurs who act as the investment dragons within the BBC TV programme, all of whom take the time to sit down patiently, to listen to the funding pitches being made by the business hopefuls - upon which they then make a decision on whether or not to invest.
Most of the time there is total shock from the watching business community when the Dragons decl ...

Funding by Networking is a culmination of common business practices

Funding by Networking is a culmination of common business practices to try and provide a funding solution to the local business. 
For those businesses, who already participate within business networking, they loosely know the perceived ethos of networking and as a result, accept what’s required as well as what can happen by being part of the business networking culture. 
Unfortunately as with everything perception is paramount and currently there are so many different variants on the business networking model - which has now undoubtedly seen a negative impact and has now begun to dilute and affect its original proposed purpose and networking blindness and denial has kicked ...

You’ve heard of Credit Scoring - but what is it

When a lender such as a bank or another finance body who lends monies direct to a person or business, they first have to ultimately established the feasibility in the worthiness of the borrower(s) in their ability to pay back. For such lenders to establish this they will run all funding / loan applications through a process called credit scoring.
So exactly just how does credit scoring work?
Credit scoring not only takes into account the information which is provided by the borrower (i.e. you) but also any information which the lender themselves make hold about you through any current or previous dealings. It is important to also note that they also have the ability to acce ...

What would a bank look at when assessing a business borrowing request?

Despite what you may think a bank is always keen to provide finance to businesses in order to support their growth.
When a bank assesses any borrowing request they will look at a range of factors to help them with their decision – with this in mind and in order to help with preparation for any borrowing request we have detailed below some pointers for consideration.
It is important to note that consideration by a bank on access to finance requests by a business will involve credit scoring which could take into consideration 3 broad areas.

The information that a business provides as part of its application.
Any information which the bank may already hold ab ...

HSBC New Street a gathering place for small businesses to meet

The New Street branch was the latest HSBC branch to host a small business networking event, whereby local Birmingham businesses were able to attend and be able to network as well as listen to a number of speakers talk about their own views on business and what their inspiration was and continues to be.
There were of course a few familiar faces the first of which was Edward van der Kleijn from Partnerships for Marketing who advised us that they have just recently moved from their Shirley location of two years to the Custard Factory in Digbeth Birmingham.
Whilst talking to Edward a person by the name of Shah Hussain from a company called Braxton Knight introduced himself exp ...

HSBC Halesowen helping local small businesses to connect

The HSBC Halesowen branch held a small business get together meeting last thursday which was quite informal but allowed small local businesses to attend and get to speak with each other.
As always at such event food and drinks were available, and for us we experienced no real hard sell of HSBC or its products which was perhaps reassuring for some, although those attending surely were there to know more about how HSBC could possibly benefit their business or at the very least identify a way for them to have access to finance.
It still never fails to astound us…..! Why on earth do business people go through the time and hassle of saying they’ll be atten ...

Was there a missed access to finance opportunity in Walsall?

Last week late one afternoon saw an access to finance event take place at Walsall Town Hall – the event being organised jointly between BCRS (Black Country Reinvestment Society) and Think Walsall.
During our attendance at many events throughout the region ,and our subsequent engagement with local businesses - them being able to connect to finance in the west midlands seems to be paramount to what it is they’re after, that….. and sales of course.
Yet it was disappointing to note at the access to finance meeting in Walsall that perhaps the best was not made of what was potentially on offer - which was localised finance providers being there ready and w ...

Griffin and King meet up with Quality Solicitors Talbots

A joint seminar was held this afternoon by Griffin and King who are insolvency practitioners based in the West Midlands and Quality Solicitors Talbots who have 4 branches throughout the West Midlands. The venue for the meeting was over at the Village Hotel Walsall which is just off junction 10 of the M6.
The meeting kicked off with registration followed by a bit of networking around the buffet table; here’s a question…! When networking and food is involved do you eat first then speak, or eat and speak at the same time taking the risk of peppering the person in front of you with fragments of sausage roll?
At the appropriate time everyone was summoned to the nex ...

Barclays Bank Boosting Business Seminar at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole

Barclays Bank held a Boosting Business Seminar event at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole over at the NEC last night; this was the second such meeting we have attended with the first being over in Telford some 12 – 18 months ago.
The event ran the same format as previously, using satellite link ups with other meetings groups around the country whereby everyone could watch and listen to high profile MD’s and business owners explain their trials and tribulations in how and why they faced the same issues that many SME’s face.
The speakers last night were Will Whitehorn who helped launch Virgin Galactic for Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and Andrew Gerrie ...

Better Business Finance is what all local businesses are looking for

The better business finance tour rolled into Birmingham City centre yesterday stopping at the wonderful Burlington Hotel which is smack bang in the city, just of New Street.
The aim for better business finance is to listen to business owners up and down the country as well as answer any questions which they may have in regards to their needs and the problems which they face during these potentially uncertain times – in short they aim to provide impartial information and support to business customers looking to raise finance.
The better business finance initiative is supported by the British Bankers’ Association and the banks involved are the likes of Barclays, H ...