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Connect to doing Business in the Balkans, but first find it in Sandwell

We headed off this morning to a bright and early find it in Sandwell networking meeting held at the Sandwell council house.
Normally well attended events, this morning saw the topic being ‘Doing Business in the Balkans’ which involved a presentation by Gary Dawson and Živko Serbic from Business 2 Business UK Serbia (B2BUKS).
The presentation explained how things are changing within the Balkans and in particular Serbia which as we all know has experienced problems over the past 30 years especially when it was previously known as a multiple entity and referred to as Yugoslavia.
B2BUKS act as go between’s in helping local businesses seek  as wel ...

Was it easy for Melody Hossaini to connect to the export of products in the apprentice?

Last night was ‘The Apprentice’ night which severed up a delightful guide on how to export (or not as the case may be), all be it on a very small scale.
The task was to select some products from the UK, which were currently not on sale in France, to  see how many items they could sell by targeting their selling base for a couple of days in Paris.
Black Country based Melody Hossaini seemed to be prominent throughout this task for a number of reasons, it just depends which side of the fence you sit on whether she was good or bad in your view.
Off Melody went with another team member to Paris to try and set up some appointments with supply and re ...