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Saving face whilst Business Networking is a real problem

Saving face when at Business Networking meetings can become a real big problem for some. 
Fact is that business networking can be a very daunting thing for those who are not used to it, it’s not necessarily the actual attending of the networking meeting but more so the “what do I say” element. 
We all hear about business networking and how one group is different to another, how the benefits are better when compared to others and how if you don’t take up that empty chair in a meeting which is worth 10k in sales one of your competitors will. 
The sad reality is that there are a good number of new businesses as well as existing ones which are not prepar ...

Has Business Networking become a poor educator?

Business networking has been around for a number of years now. Currently, it would seem that more and more people are setting up their own business networking groups - because for some, not only does it seems like a good thing to do and makes them feel busy and important, but they also see it as a way to build a database of contacts – despite perhaps not really serving any real targeted purpose for their core business. 
The big problem with business networking today, is for some unknown reason such business networking meetings are having nothing really to do with business and if there are elements of business it could be as low as 10% of the content of the meeting. 
Busines ...

Are general business exhibitions a thing of the past?

General business exhibitions used to be a great way for businesses to be able to exhibit their wares as well as meet prospective new clients in a targeted professional surrounding. 
However in these current times there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm lately for businesses to not only agree to attend either as an exhibitor or attendee in the first place?
But once they’ve booked on, to on the day gather the effort to even wish to attend such general business exhibitions. 
Connect WM took steps to hold a number of general business exhibitions and in doing so experienced much wasted time and effort for a number of reasons. 
The first of which is that all general busines ...

Touch Digital brings Augmented Reality to local West Midlands businesses

Touch Digital who are based within Coventry University held a seminar meeting yesterday about Augmented Reality over at the Village Hotel Walsall just off junction 10 on the M6. 
The seminar gave some brief outlines as to how the use of Augmented Reality could be used within a business marketing strategy ... 
Aug What? Is what you might be asking just now? ...! 
In the simplest of terms Augmented Reality is the provision and use of graphical images/animation which can then be viewed via an iPhone or android phone when pointing it at a target image such as a painting on a wall, or image within a brochure or magazine – even a business card. 
James Collin ...

Will the Connect Brunch give you business on a plate?

In a few months time the Connect Brunch will be born as a way to build business connections, increase business awareness and obtain attendance of those businesses which are serious about what it is they do, and what it is they are after. 
The networking and business exhibition debate looms ever more; in that do such things attract any business? Do the right people turn up to such events? No-one will ever settle on a common ground because everyone's views are different. 
The one thing which many will know is that things have to change; networking attracts a vast number of businesses some of which are good, bad or indifferent. Whichever they are, the term networking was originally ...

Nothing but praise for The Clarendon Suites.

The very first Connect WM Business Exhibition took place on the 27th February 2013 having originally chosen The Clarendon Suites  for its location for ease of parking, its central locality and ease of access within the building itself.
At the point of booking, and in fact right to the exhibition day itself we had only really ever dealt with The Clarendon Suites General Manager Diane Hennessy who was first class in her understanding, her guidance as to how best  layout of the exhibition hall, and use of further rooms within the venues whole facility.
But when we come to the day itself, never could we have imaged beforehand that the attention to detail, the understanding of what wa ...

Local Businesses can only grow with Quality over Quantity

Some may know that the whole Connect WM ethos is trying to find the right businesses for each other to be able to work together which in turn provides either a positive midterm result or long term working relationship.
We set up our first Connect WM business exhibition solely with this in mind and did not allow any cross over’s of exhibitor main service trading areas.
Also we promoted 3 seminars taking place throughout the day for industry bespoke products / services (Energy Saving – Business Advice – Finance) to help local businesses as opposed to what is seen as the normal way of promoting seminars which is that of individuals, as we believe it’s the actual produc ...

Forwardline Events organise The Business Show 2012 Midlands

Forwardline Marketing Ltd as the name suggests are a marketing company based over in Rugeley, Staffordshire and has been operating for a number of years. Recently they added an addition to their business, a service to incorporate events calling this aspect of their business Forward Events through which they are looking to host and promote events up and down the country.
Last Friday (15/06/2012) saw them hold their first event, held at the Aston Villa Football Ground and incorporated a business exhibition, multiple seminars and speed networking.
We attended two of the seminars, which covered Social Networks and Online Success.
The Social Networks – How exposed ...

As a business, do you CONNECT to Events in the West Midlands?

There are many business related events, which happen throughout the West Midlands region on a monthly basis. Such events offer the ability for local businesses to engage in many things such as networking, training as well as identifying who might be potential customers.
Events such as business exhibitions in the West Midlands also provide local businesses with the perfect undercover disguise through which assists those in identifying who their competitors are, as well as what they offer over and above what they themselves offer.
Business organisations, business event companies as well as people groups organise events – some going out their way to put their own twist o ...

Do you like to follow or connect via social media?

Last week saw us attend a half-day event about social media held at the Crown Plaza in the centre of Birmingham.
The event was well constructed and focused on the three main aspects of usage within social media, namely Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Presentations took place detailing what’s viewed as the correct usage of the various social media aspects explaining how things such as the different usage of language and grammar is important within posts and updates.
LinkedIn is aimed more towards professional usage through which people look to build and grow their contact base in order to sell themselves, their products and services. With member individuals lo ...