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We're helping local businesses and consumers to connect to deals..!

Here at Connect WM we have created our own deal section which allows our showcase members to create as many deals as they like, but they’re only able to show only one deal at a time.
As online is where things are happening we thought we’d help by providing a route through our Deals WM section which allows local business to tap into the online deal promotion craze...
So what’s your interpretation of a deal? Well ours is anything which a business looks to promote in order to gain customer awareness which results in a sale.
Some businesses will say “we only do offers”, others may say “we offer discounts” and there are still th ...

Easter bank holiday provides an opportunity to visit and connect with the region.

This year see’s Easter bank holiday fall a lot later than it usually does, and to cap it all it’s at the end of the schools Easter fortnights holiday rather than the usual being at the start of the holiday.
In 2011 due to the way in which the actual Easter bank holiday falls, see’s May Day’s bank holiday appear a week after - also this year we have the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which falls in the middle of the week between Easter and May day...the royal wedding being with yet another bank holiday.
As children we loved bank holidays as they held a special meaning for us...somehow they were day out milestones which me ...

Where does a bank holiday take you?

The holiday season is here and many families are heading away for a long deserved break, either in this country or travelling abroad, and a large amount of people will be staying local to enjoy the offerings of the West Midlands region. The weather over this Easter period is looking tremendous helping those people who have had to endure the stress and bad news of recent months which has perhaps been intensified by them losing their jobs, and incurring the higher fuel prices.
This Easter break is providing some well dissevered Sun Therapy.
Over the last few years the weather has not been kind as last year at this time we had a period of cold weather and snow. The one thing w ...

Now you can connect with a profile....

Over the past few weeks here at Connect WM, we have been working away changing and upgrading some elements to the site.
We decided after taking stock of the situation and realising that we had to change around our original development plans, to introduce profiles for our account members.
“So what” you may ask?
Well...! We know it’s not such a big deal in the grand scale of things, but we felt that the way in which we can utilise member profiles and their links within the site can go a long way in further helping local West Midlands based business obtain local effective exposure via the Connect WM site.
Simply put, one of the best ways for ...

Deals WM launches to help local businesses and consumers connect.

After nearly 12 months of hitting our heads against the ‘business help’ brick wall in trying to move development of the Connect WM site further along its originally planned route, we’ve said enough is enough so we have re-jigged our devolvement time schedule(s) and moved our development plans around so that things can progress.
Simply put, this means that all our proposed site development will still take place, just not in the order we had originally planned for.
Da da da der (Imagine trumpets playing) We are herby pleased to announce that as of today’s date the advanced development has now been completed of our original promotions section, which of ...