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We all know that to move the local economy forward we need to focus on being localised, realisation is for many that as a business attempting to survive and grow, it's far better to work and nurture something which is close and accessible than to think too big and spread yourself too thin.


Please feel free to comment on any of the blogs as there are aimed at being thought-provoking and not saying the flowery things everybody wants to hear.


Would most of the current business people if sitting in the dragons den chair; invest?

Business people watch BBC’s Dragons Den for many reasons; some wish to gain a few hints and tips, others like to watch to have a good laugh at the expense of others, and perhaps surprisingly enough a lesser amount will actually watch to see what the competition is.
As we all know there are FIVE well established and proven business entrepreneurs who act as the investment dragons within the BBC TV programme, all of whom take the time to sit down patiently, to listen to the funding pitches being made by the business hopefuls - upon which they then make a decision on whether or not to invest.
Most of the time there is total shock from the watching business community when the Dragons decl ...

Saving face whilst Business Networking is a real problem

Saving face when at Business Networking meetings can become a real big problem for some. 
Fact is that business networking can be a very daunting thing for those who are not used to it, it’s not necessarily the actual attending of the networking meeting but more so the “what do I say” element. 
We all hear about business networking and how one group is different to another, how the benefits are better when compared to others and how if you don’t take up that empty chair in a meeting which is worth 10k in sales one of your competitors will. 
The sad reality is that there are a good number of new businesses as well as existing ones which are not prepar ...

Are general business exhibitions a thing of the past?

General business exhibitions used to be a great way for businesses to be able to exhibit their wares as well as meet prospective new clients in a targeted professional surrounding. 
However in these current times there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm lately for businesses to not only agree to attend either as an exhibitor or attendee in the first place?
But once they’ve booked on, to on the day gather the effort to even wish to attend such general business exhibitions. 
Connect WM took steps to hold a number of general business exhibitions and in doing so experienced much wasted time and effort for a number of reasons. 
The first of which is that all general busines ...

Does a job title make you a better business person?

When running a business it’s quite easy to get caught up in the whole I’m my own boss job title foray, but even before reaching this point there are those people out there who seem to hinge every notch of a job position title on the building of the ladder to their success.
Businesses out there which are run by a sole person and the fact that the business might be limited would by default make them a Director, yet just a plain old simple title like ‘director’ is not now good enough for them.
They have to be a Managing Director – Or – CEO – In some cases a Chairman and the business only contains THEM!
Job titles years ago were plain and simple and t ...

Funding by Networking is a culmination of common business practices

Funding by Networking is a culmination of common business practices to try and provide a funding solution to the local business. 
For those businesses, who already participate within business networking, they loosely know the perceived ethos of networking and as a result, accept what’s required as well as what can happen by being part of the business networking culture. 
Unfortunately as with everything perception is paramount and currently there are so many different variants on the business networking model - which has now undoubtedly seen a negative impact and has now begun to dilute and affect its original proposed purpose and networking blindness and denial has kicked ...

XFactor the business has it now lost its way?

For the past decade we’ve all know that we’re nearing Christmas, not because of what’s on sales in the shops but more so what’s on the television every Saturday and Sunday night from September onwards.
Very much the same as a business start-up  - XFactor in the early years had the idea of what it was trying to achieve and the viewers took to it and understood it as being able to help push the talent of others as well as having a reachable route to display their own talent (or should we say perceived talent).
As time has moved on, and the XFactor phenomenon has grown, the show seems to have moved away from its initial ethos of talent scouting or ...

Our meeting with Margot James

Yesterday saw us have a meeting with Margot James who as some may know is the MP for Stourbridge.
The purpose of our meeting was to personally inform and advise of our Connect WM business model, as well as the continuing trials and tribulations which we face as a private enterprise.
Never really having done this approach before we were unsure what to expect either as a response during or in regards to action after the meeting.
We also took the opportunity to also explain about our forthcoming ‘Connect Business Exhibition’ being held on the 10th October 2012.
Our meeting was held during one of the regular surgery meetings which Margot undertakes ...

Forwardline Events organise The Business Show 2012 Midlands

Forwardline Marketing Ltd as the name suggests are a marketing company based over in Rugeley, Staffordshire and has been operating for a number of years. Recently they added an addition to their business, a service to incorporate events calling this aspect of their business Forward Events through which they are looking to host and promote events up and down the country.
Last Friday (15/06/2012) saw them hold their first event, held at the Aston Villa Football Ground and incorporated a business exhibition, multiple seminars and speed networking.
We attended two of the seminars, which covered Social Networks and Online Success.
The Social Networks – How exposed ...

The Clarendon Suites looking for Business Growth by putting on a right good show.

Today we paid a visit to the Business Growth Show which was held for the first time at ‘The Clarendon Suites’ just off the Hagley Road Birmingham.
The event was very well attended with early indications showing that a reported 300 plus attendees physically turned up from the 500 or so that actually said they were going to attend.
The Clarendon Suites boasts “that it is the perfect Birmingham venue for every occasion” which is something that you may initially take with a pinch of salt – but once you have looked around its interior and identified what it is that it has to offer, you will undoubtedly be amazed how something of such a calibre is l ...

Nick from the Midlands the first bloke to be the Project Manager on the Apprentice

This week has seen the start of the next series of the Apprentice, where a bunch of business folk each think that their better than the next – some would argue whether they really think that, is debatable but it makes good telly.
This series see’s Nick Holzherr who started one of his businesses out of Birmingham’s Aston Science Park incubation units; centring on the use of QR codes, as one of the entrepreneurial hopefuls.
This week’s first task for the band of business demons was to effectively create something from a blank canvas and make it something that would sell.
It really never ceases to amaze how the big I am people large up their ab ...