Forwardline Events organise The Business Show 2012 Midlands

Forwardline Marketing Ltd as the name suggests are a marketing company based over in Rugeley, Staffordshire and has been operating for a number of years. Recently they added an addition to their business, a service to incorporate events calling this aspect of their business Forward Events through which they are looking to host and promote events up and down the country.


Last Friday (15/06/2012) saw them hold their first event, held at the Aston Villa Football Ground and incorporated a business exhibition, multiple seminars and speed networking.


We attended two of the seminars, which covered Social Networks and Online Success.


The Social Networks – How exposed are you? Talk was presented by Sidney Mitchell Solicitors and detailed how exposed companies are especially the ones who do not have solid terms and conditions in relation to social media usage within contracts of employment.


It was explained that both the correct as well as the incorrect usage of social media by an individual / employee could leave a company very exposed.


A number of examples highlighted were such as how an employee through LinkedIn may have access to all contacts of their employer (their customers). But should they leave it the way LinkedIn is set up would mean that all the contacts of the employee’s LinkedIn profile are automatically notified by email that they have moved on and changed their employer.  


A solution around this is to make it mandatory within the employment contract to use the unlink facility within the LinkedIn settings; this would avert advisement emails being sent to all contacts associated to the employee’s LinkedIn profile.


Another example was, how important it is to ensure via the employment contract that it is understood by the employee - which any posts, tweets, comments made via social media must not reflect as being the view of their employer.


Wildfire Internet who are based over in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, hosted the second seminar, which we attended entitled Fast Track You Online Success. Their talk centered on how a good build or  built structure is required for an optimum website, it has to be well structured to obtain effective online optimisation.


They explained how unique content helps a website and how to identify and check relevant keywords in order to help with search engine optimisation. They mainly focused on ecommerce websites and explained how to research other well-known ecommerce websites such as eBay and Amazon. 


The Aston Villa Football Ground venue provided a good layout for The Business Show 2012 Midlands’s event, providing ample room for the speed networking, seminars and business exhibition.