Finance WM helping regional West Midlands based businesses access finance

Many regional based businesses are in a desperate need of having the ability to be in a position to be able to have some access to finance, being able to connect to some well needed cashflow in order to help them through current times.


Such business owners have been experiencing problems for quite a few years now, so much so that they have exhausted and damaged their own personal finance standing for the sake of keeping their business going.


Due to this, more often than not their approach to the normal high street finance outlets is meeting with zero positive effect, contrary to what’s reported by the banks in saying that they are lending…perhaps they are but not as much as they should or the government expect them to.


Still a lot of local businesses assume that business funding only comes direct from high street banks and that it is these outlets which are their only options. Strictly this is not the case as there are alternative ways in which local businesses can have access to finance in the West Midlands region; it’s just a question of knowing where to look.


Unfortunately what local public sector assistance was out there in helping local businesses being able to access finance is either now gone or will be going by the end of the year, instead the government moving towards a more national model – although realisation that still there has to be a more local presence more so through private enterprise.


Taking things into consideration, it only seems natural that we look to take up the mantel and run with it to see if we can help regional based business in being able to have access to finance. So we are creating a section to do this called ‘Finance WM’ which of course translates to ‘Finance West Midlands’.


In it we will actively seek finance options for small businesses helping to connect them to finance in the West Midlands.


Over time our finance section will build, and off shoots will be created and implemented once we make inroads in identifying finance sources such as alterative lenders and yes the banks. A point to note here is that there are currently of course other local private enterprises within the West Midlands who offer such an access to finance service - and it could be that we may if acceptable to them; work in collaboration to connect local business to them also.


We already know what our off shoots to our finance section will be and these will be titled


  • Funding WM  
  • Grants WM


There is no real point currently for us to look to promote our sub-sections; as our main section ‘Finance WM’ covers them all. Plus the fact that as finance is predominantly funding and as currently there are not many grants available due to recent spending cuts and no one really knowing if they will return on mass. You never know they may return under this government, however it could be under the next one, whichever it is…. we’ll be ready.


If you’re a business in the West midlands region and you need access to finance then let us know and we’ll help you direct and if we can’t we’ll connect you to someone that can.


However you must of course remember that terms and conditions do apply and each finance application is assessed on its own merits which may or may not include some or all of the following:


  • The Business plan
  • The experience and knowledge 
  • The personal finance situation 
  • The business itself 
  • The creation of jobs


Don’t be like a lot of businesses and shy away from asking questions, it may seem like too much trouble and aggravation but believe us when we say that we can help, or at the very least connect to those that can.


Connect by name, helping local business connect to finance by nature.