Easter bank holiday provides an opportunity to visit and connect with the region.

This year see’s Easter bank holiday fall a lot later than it usually does, and to cap it all it’s at the end of the schools Easter fortnights holiday rather than the usual being at the start of the holiday.


In 2011 due to the way in which the actual Easter bank holiday falls, see’s May Day’s bank holiday appear a week after - also this year we have the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton which falls in the middle of the week between Easter and May day...the royal wedding being with yet another bank holiday.


As children we loved bank holidays as they held a special meaning for us...somehow they were day out milestones which meant that we’d look forward to sitting in the car, travel for what seemed like an eternity.....at many points through the journey we’d all say “are we nearly there yet?” only to eventually see the big massive sign for where we would be going and there we’d sit there in traffic again for ages......so near yet so far............oh them were the days.....!


As you grow up and as a parent these bank holiday days out become less meaningful - they become an inconvenience, for a variety of reasons, such as interfering with working, the house chores and perhaps closer to the truth the days out costs implications such as fuel, entrance fees and food.


Unfortunately the world has moved on at a rapid pace over recent times and traditionalism seems to be going very fast....! Yet all is not lost...


Within the West Midlands region there are many places to visit all of which can be done not just on bank holidays, we have large theme park attractions such as Alton Towers and Drayton Manner both of which are both in Staffordshire, as well as the West Midlands safari and leisure park in Worcestershire.


All of businesses are moving with the times, trying to make their offerings more appealing to the general public, they have developed by building and the introduction of systems to reduce entrance and waiting times.


They use online technology and facilities in order to connect and promote their deals - such as any offers and discounts for entrance to their parks, off their food, or for return visits.


In days not so long ago reality was that bank holiday visitors was a captive market, because there wasn’t much to do, as many retail shops would be closed, then with the birth of the large shopping centres such as Merry Hills and Touchwood that all started to change – well.... along with trading laws and a few other things.


The point being than now on a bank holiday even retail outlets are vying for the same attention and custom of the exact same people which the theme parks are. Funnily enough the retail shops are using the same online technology to promote their deals - offers and discounts.... through money off codes and vouchers.


Bank Holiday days out in the West Midlands are not all about cost, it’s about the excitement and enjoyment for children....there are places of interest which are scenic, and allow kids to play.


If you plan and look you can find days out where you can get online deals to get money off, find places which costs next to nothing......a day out is about forgetting things just for one day and enjoying yourselves, being a family and the time together.


People often only think big with their days out but there are places which are just as good and different ......Do you know or have you ever heard of the likes of: -


  • Hatton Country World in Warwickshire
  • Water world in Staffordshire
  • Dudley canal tunnels
  • Saltwells local nature reserve in Dudley
  • Leasowes Park in West Midlands


Do you realise also that there are quite a few National Trust properties including stately homes dotted throughout the West Midlands region, which allow family cheap cost effective access, for those who take up National Trust membership.


Such as




  • Berrington Hall
  • Croft Castle
  • Cwmmau Farmhouse
  • Brockhampton Estate
  • The Weir Garden




  • Attingham Park near Shrewsbury
  • Benthall Hall near Ironbridge
  • Carding Mill Valley near Church Stretton
  • Dudmaston Hall near Bridgenorth
  • Morville Hall near Bridgenorth
  • Sunnycroft at Wellington, Shropshire
  • Town Walls Tower Shrewsbury
  • Wilderhope Manor on Wenlock Edge




  • Biddulph Grange
  • Downs Banks
  • Ilam Hall
  • Kinver Edge
  • Mow Cop Castle
  • Moseley Old Hall
  • South Peak Estate
  • Shugborough Hall
  • Letocetum




  • Baddesley Clinton
  • Charlecote Park
  • Coughton Court
  • Farnborough Hall
  • Kinwarton Dovecote
  • Packwood House
  • Upton House


West Midlands


  • Birmingham Back to Backs
  • Wightwick Manor




  • Bredon Barn
  • Croome Park
  • The Fleece Inn
  • The Greyfriars
  • Hanbury Hall
  • Hawford Dovecote
  • Middle Littleton Tithe Barn
  • Rosedene, Chartist cottage
  • Wichenford Dovecote


 Why not get out and about and visit and connect to what’s in and around the west Midlands region....!