Does working for yourself give you time to think for ways to connect?

Working for yourself seems a good alternative to putting up with constantly being told what to do, being given targets and hitting them only for 24 hours later to be given a new target.


People work for themselves for a variety of reasons, such as being forced in to it by a family business, being made redundant, being unable to work for anyone else.


Whatever the reason.... before you know it  - what seemed like a good idea at the time, the planning, the thinking of the idealistic way that things would go...all goes out of the window sooner or later.


It would appear that there is not always enough time to allow businesses time to think for ways to connect, before they know what’s happening, there’s the accounts to do, the sales to get in, the suppliers to find, the emails to write, the research which needs to be done, the early morning starts for a breakfast fact the list is endless.


Many businesses make hard work of trading, and by that we mean that enough time isn’t given to thinking things through being able to connect to what the real decision should be.


Instead businesses will say they can do everything and worry about it later when at which time such to fulfill an order, they will make a decision on face value, or based on the need to sort it now, because they have a meeting to go to scenario.


The hardest thing in the world is to find good people and businesses to deal with, many supply businesses will be nice to your face, give you the illusion that their on your side, and often say the right thing at the right time.....but when it actually comes down to it and when things go wrong....can you actually and honestly say that you gave enough time to being able to fully connect with them in the first place.


Now this may sound total pug wash and come across as being extremely corny – but being able to connect is what it’s all about, connect to how they operate, connect to their way of thinking, connect to their procedures, connect to their professionalism, connect, connect , connect.


Mistakes are made by blurting everything out when first talking to a supply company, eagerness (being big headed) takes over....... what you hope to do, the money you’d like to make, the amount of customers and sales enquiries you’re aiming for - often gets confused with actual rather than planned.


To be able to fully connect with a business when having your first proper meeting or phone conversation you really need to be honest and informative, and then in return you’d hope that you receive the same treatment.


Being honest and informative up front, allows you to then question without concern any anomalies which you feel the supplier business may be hiding or skirting over – such as outrages claims about being the best, being the only suppler of such a product, being unique in what they do, being better than their competitors.


To be totally honest for us personally the only thing which matters is, can they do what they say they can do, they can dress it up as much as they like......but action speaks louder than words...!


Give your business time to connect, rather than forcing it....!