Does a job title make you a better business person?

When running a business it’s quite easy to get caught up in the whole I’m my own boss job title foray, but even before reaching this point there are those people out there who seem to hinge every notch of a job position title on the building of the ladder to their success.

Businesses out there which are run by a sole person and the fact that the business might be limited would by default make them a Director, yet just a plain old simple title like ‘director’ is not now good enough for them.

They have to be a Managing Director – Or – CEO – In some cases a Chairman and the business only contains THEM!

Job titles years ago were plain and simple and they did what they said on the tin, currently with the onset of all this business coaching, this extra study qualifications it seems as though one plain job title seems to morph into 100 plus sub job titles.

People are now actually making up their own jobs titles just to make themselves and their online profiles feel and look better, they are even made up to make an employee feel better or dress a job function up.

Would it surprise you to know that there are some online web applications tools out there to help you make up a ‘Job Title’?

Whilst on the grand scale of things this might not be bad, but the question has to be asked …..Does a job title make you a better business person?

No matter how you look at it, the answer would have to be NO; it’s not the job title but the work experiences which make you better a business person.

There are enough people out there to remember and it’s not too long ago when the simple job titles ruled, and now when they take on those with the fancy job title professing to have experience in the simple job title role - they will be judged on the simple job title role and vice versa.

Could this be a reason why businesses struggle to find the right person?

Is a nation of disillusioned business people who think they are better than they actually are being built?

What could be termed as minor roles within a business also becomes a causality of this whole job title thing, as for instance being a minor role of a Driver who gets promoted does not become a Supervisor…… "Oh no"……..they become a ‘Chief Vehicle Transportation Officer…!’

Whilst it’s good for such people to try to make themselves feel good with a great sounding job title, they have to remember it remains just that, and if they have taken the time to make up their own job title then you can make your own mind up about the validity of that one.

It is very unfortunate that newbie’s to business within social media will see such hyped up ‘Job Titles’ within others profiles as being authoritative and as a result actually spend time and effort in pursuing the person to gain knowledge and experience themselves.

Alias all too often realisation kicks in that whilst the job title of the other person may have been fantastic, their experience may have been somewhat lacking, to the extent of it now causing negative connotations to the person with the great sounding job title, as well as to the person who looked to them in the first place.

There is no point is trying to be something which you’re not, you owe being honest to others but more so to yourself.

There will be those who have the view that better job titles should depict the extra responsibly that now comes with job roles, but this does not detracted from the question which is being asked......

Does a job title make you a better business person?