Do you think that a local election is like starting a business?

Tomorrow see’s many schools closed due to the local elections taking place not forgetting also about the AV (Alternative voting) Referendum.


A thought crossed our minds here in the office as to how similar the whole canvassing to get votes is to trying to obtaining backing and/or assistance in starting a business.


Listening to the radio whilst driving this afternoon, people were phoning in and voicing their opinions which naturally contravened those of the election candidates present in the studios.


The candidates where asked a multitude of questions as to how the current coalition government is working, what’s it’s trying to achieve and that it’s just all too much..... too soon.


Those phoning of course came up with totally outlandish solutions or shall we say ideas in that when questioned and discussed further it was clear in the opinions of the prospective election candidates that a majority of the ideas were people just venting off.


However some ideas carried mileage and had some validity, but then the tables turned and the prospective election candidates shot the callers ideas down in flames, by blaming other parties or history such as “that never worked when the conservatives were last in power so why should it now” or “it wasn’t us in power in the late 90’s”


The similarities are striking when compared to a local business seeking funding or chatting with a bank manger.


As a business you’ll be full of eagerness and excitement to start with at least - and your talk will be full of passion and you’ll have the go get ‘em attitude.


The person who you are talking to - humours’ you, and asks the most basic of questions often many of which will bear no resemblance to what is being talked about.


The fact is they just don’t get what you’re on about, why because they have no experience in your line of business, and they can only go on past and current business clients they know of, and how they operate.


Then they too shoot your ideas down in flames and perhaps somewhere during your conversation they themselves will come up with ideas about how they may be able to help – but you’ll need to change the line you were going down, or even tweak it somehow.


They may be right, but they may be wrong....just like politicians.


Fact is who knows whose right and who’s wrong; it’s easy for politicians and bank mangers to offer advice when they are not really fighting for a living, yes their frighting to make their mark, yes their frighting for recognition - but to earn a living like the local business? we’ll let you decide.


This is not having a knock at bank mangers, politicians, or anyone else for that matter - it’s just to highlight the similarities, after all they need to connect to local businesses and consumers just like any local business needs to.


It was muted by a candidate during the radio show that in order to hear the full public view, perhaps the Australian way of voting should be adopted in that apparently you are forced to vote.


That’s fine if it worked the same in reverse when a business needs help and assistance - it gets it, everyone votes with their feet – they just walk closer or walk further away.


Small businesses have to accept this fact and so should politicians.......