Do you sing 'thanks bye' at the end of your phone calls?

Have you ever caught yourself more or less singing “thanks bye” when finishing a sales call on the phone.


Yes of course you have…….but many of you will deny it or say I never sing “thanks bye” I just say it softer and with more inflection - either way the question would be the same which is “have you ever wondered why you do it”.


Could it be that subconsciously you felt the sales call went really well and excitement took over and was reflected at the end of the call with you speaking in a much warmer and friendly tone?


Perhaps it might be that you were mimicking the voice on the other end of the line, especially if it was one of those happy friendly receptionist ones, you know the ones who are always happy…..even if someone stole their sandwiches, they say “whose stolen my sandwiches!” in a really happy tone.


 Or could it just be the fact that you are in full control of your senses and that you are being totally professional about it all - being fully aware of the environment of the sales call, experience kicks in and you adapt in order to conquer whether that’s in a sale or getting past the receptionist to the person you’re trying to speak with.


Unless you know the person really well, making contact via phone is a horrible task mainly because of all the abuse, rudeness and blatant disregard which can be awarded by the recipient of your phone call. So surly it is only natural to occasionally sing……okay…… speak in a warmer softer tone when saying goodbye.


Warmer and softer tones in your phone call is good – you shouldn’t save them until the end of the call, you should actively use them throughout the call, as that way the call will appear friendly and more natural. However be careful not to get too complacent with the friendliness on the first call by cracking jokes….well a tasteless one any way.


If your one of those who dread making sales calls, ask yourselves a question “do you dread answering a phone”… yes you might be in the first instance if new to business - but you quickly get used to it.


The same is said for making a sales call it’s all about confidence and a little preparation.


When your answering a sales call most of the time you’re not expecting it, so you answer it naturally whether that’s in a friendly manner of an offhand manner – you don’t know what the questions are going to be but after a few calls you’ll notice they all more or less flow the same route, so you’ll begin to know in your answers in advance, you’ll master what to say to end a sales call quickly such as the phone line sales calls… an example being


Caller: “Hi we have great call offers available and we notice that you have a BT line so you too can benefit”


You: “No it’s not BT any more…… its cable”


… ends


You should look at how you answer the phone to sales calls and prepare your own sales calls around how you’d react, most people may say that you need to go on a telephone sales, or cold calling course – but realistically, what would be the likelihood of that and / or immediately putting what you’ve learnt into action, especially if telephones sales scares you.


If you are proactive in your approach then you’ll be fine, you need to find a route and method your happy with and soon you’ll be singing at the end of every sales call…..okay…!...... if it makes you happy you don’t sing it you say “thanks byeeeeee” softer and with more inflection.


Connect to the person on the other end of the phone and they’ll connect to you.