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Deals WM launches to help local businesses and consumers connect.

After nearly 12 months of hitting our heads against the ‘business help’ brick wall in trying to move development of the Connect WM site further along its originally planned route, we’ve said enough is enough so we have re-jigged our devolvement time schedule(s) and moved our development plans around so that things can progress.


Simply put, this means that all our proposed site development will still take place, just not in the order we had originally planned for.


Da da da der (Imagine trumpets playing) We are herby pleased to announce that as of today’s date the advanced development has now been completed of our original promotions section, which of those of you who know the site, you’ll remember it was a basic print off vouchers system. As of today we have now changed how this section operates and from this day onwards it will be referred to as ‘Deals WM’ which as you may guess stands for ‘Deals West Midlands’.


The idea being that “we wish to connect you all to deals available throughout the west midlands region.


‘Deals WM’ will provide all Connect WM showcase members the ability to promote any deals which their business has, such as ‘offers – buy one get one free, 3 nights for the price of 2’ and/or ‘discounts – 75 %, 50% off’. Members are able to manage their own deals, setting the price, the discount, the length of time the deal is on offer for..... They can even limit to a specific number of deals which they are making available, to the general public.


All deals will operate along the same lines of the newest way to promote local deals (including discounts and offers) online - all are visible on a countdown clock and can also be claimed via Facebook.


Currently the only proviso for promoting your deals through the ‘Deals WM’ facility is that you have to be a showcase member. We do not take commissions of number of deals done; nor do we set up specific deals with companies.


If you’re interested in your business being able to promote and manage your promotions through ‘Deals WM’ you simply need to register as a showcase member. You don’t necessarily have to worry if you feel that you don’t have time to upload your deals on a regular basis as we can provide you with a packaged alternative where we can do it for you.


If you’re interested to know what are the latest deals which ‘Connect WM’ has to offer then either look up or follow with our Deals WM twitter page.