Business Biscotti meets at Grosvenor Casino to connect with local businesses

We headed off this morning to a networking meeting which we came by through Twitter.


The meeting was held by ‘Business Biscotti’ and apparently is fairly new in the West Midlands area originally starting down south it’s looking to expand throughout the UK.  Its uniqueness if you like is the fact that it is FREE to attend and there are no 60 seconds and no presentations, you literally just drop in between the hours it’s held (10.00am – 12.00pm) and stay the full time or as little as 15 minutes the choice is yours.


The meeting this morning was held at the Grosvenor Casino (G Casino) on Broad Street Birmingham, which seems to be a growing and popular place to hold events at.


As Michael Caine would say “not many people know this” but as a local business you can hold your business event at the Grosvenor Casino for FREE…yes it doesn’t cost you a bean, they also provide you with FREE tea and coffee and wait for it………. FREE parking which is priceless especially for what could be considered a city centre venue.


On arrival at the meeting we first spoke to Pam Kaur who was attending like us for the first time, Pam had travelled from Warwick to see what the Biscotti meeting was all about. We had a conversation with Pam who informed us that she used to work in Law and had decided on a career change and was now heavily into building a business for herself within a business called Forever Living who incidentally has their head office based in Warwick.


Whilst talking to Pam, a young lady Kelly Jackson from pr2go came across and joined in on the conversation introducing herself as well as the products and services of pr2go.


Kelly explained that she was relatively new working at pr2go only since March this year in fact, previously she had studied theology on a 3 years course at Birmingham University with a view also of heading into law. Kelly explained the services of pr2go to Pam, as we already knew about pr2go as we had a meeting with them last year at their old offices in Sutton Coldfield as well as attending a “how to get effective PR” seminar which they held at the Ramada Hotel in Oldbury.


It must have been something we said because both Kelly and Pam then disappeared (as people do at networking events) so off we went to speak with Paul Bradford who is the Sales and Events manager at G Casino.


We had quite a good chat with Paul who filled us in on how he’s looking to get it known that local businesses and networking groups can use the G Casino to hold their events and meetings and that the benefit of getting FREE parking is a real plus for many.


Paul also explained that the venue also caters for food and drinks - you do not have to go to play cards or play the slot machines, you can just sit quietly and eat and drink.


To be able to access the G Casino you have to become a member, which is free to do, you also have to be over 18 and provide proof of ID after which you get given a membership card which then allows you access.


Paul then introduced us to Cathi Dillon who is an ambassador for Business Biscotti as well as working for herself within the Skin Care industry promoting Arbonne, which she started doing a couple of years ago - they specialise in skin products which help people who suffer with skin conditions.


Cathi explained that prior to Arbonne she worked in advertising – outdoor advertising to be exact and was regularly on the lookout for suitable land to be able to utilise advertising opportunities.


Due to living in Lichfield, as mentioned already Cathi is an ambassador for Business Biscotti and is due to start holding her own Biscotti meetings in Sutton Coldfield starting the 5th July at the Royal Hotel 10.00am – 12.30pm.


As the meeting drew to a close Phil Millership from Complete Photography over in Solihull came across just to introduce himself, saying that hopefully our paths would cross at the next meeting.