Black Country Chamber of Commerce event opens at the Public

The Black Country Chamber of Commerce held their latest exhibition and networking event on the 9th November in their drive to help Connect the Black Country and its businesses, the venue where it was held was the Public in West Bromwich town centre with over 130 delegates attending.


For those in the know you’ll of course be aware that the Black Country Chamber of Commerce regularly hold such events throughout the year as a way for both Chamber members and local Black Country business members to come together and introduce themselves to each other.


The exhibition which was held at The Public in West Bromwich had some familiar faces as exhibitors, which is always good as a way to drive home familiarity of brand and product awareness of local businesses.


As you’d expect a range of industry sectors were represented by the exhibitors whereby their businesses actively exists to services such as  Training in the West Midlands, Finance in the West Midlands and Manufacturing in the West Midlands to name but a few.


We spoke to a company from Walsall 'Symphony Automation' who slot into the manufacturing elements of industry and with their products they help both small and large businesses save money on their energy bills.


Before you assume like everyone does when the phrase energy bills is spoken, they do not provide business utility comparison services instead they provide a physical product which helps save money.


Their product to the layman is a frequency changing system which helps change the frequency of the electric supply to things such as lighting – a simple comparison is if you have a dimmer switch to adjust the strength of lighting in a room, yes the physical light will change, but the actual power of electric energy to the switch and then to the light itself uses the same amount of energy regardless of the lights strength.


The frequency changing system because it is installed in between the incoming electrical feed to the premises and the electrical meter, it is able to adjust the frequency of electrical energy required throughout the building; so as the frequency reduces the electric required to any given point in the premises the result is a reduced electricity bill.


In this current day and age of needing to not only save money but also become eco friendly perhaps you as a business should consider the merits of such a system in your business?


Due to us attending so many events in the West Midlands, you can of course at times feel like your stalking certain people, only because they too also attend so many local events. An example here being that only the day before at the Griffin and King meeting we caught sight of Tony Wood from the Black Country Reinvestment Society only to find him exhibiting the following day at the Black Country Chamber event.


We also spoke with first time exhibitors ‘Coversure Walsall’ who advised us they were impressed with the attendance and calibre of those business delegates attending the event - they also explained that although ‘Coversure Walsall’ is a relatively new business they of course are part of the wider national Coversure business allowing them to facilitate cost effective business insurance of all types.


As the event was drawing to a close a conversation took  place with Sweda who are a business help organisation who are currently based in West Bromwich, whereby they advised that they have many forthcoming events themselves……hopefully they make use of our Events WM section!