As a business, do you CONNECT to Events in the West Midlands?

There are many business related events, which happen throughout the West Midlands region on a monthly basis. Such events offer the ability for local businesses to engage in many things such as networking, training as well as identifying who might be potential customers.


Events such as business exhibitions in the West Midlands also provide local businesses with the perfect undercover disguise through which assists those in identifying who their competitors are, as well as what they offer over and above what they themselves offer.


Business organisations, business event companies as well as people groups organise events – some going out their way to put their own twist on things by making such events more of a social gathering as opposed to servicing a core business purpose.


It would seem that indeed there is currently a growing trend for such people groups putting a personal twist and emanating more towards that of a social purpose. However, we are not 100% certain that such events / meetings are actually good for business.


That said, if this is the case then surely this type of event / meeting should not really be referred to as a business event - like it or not it reflects badly on the ethos of a proper business event and may inadvertently be causing damage.


Whilst of course the whole purpose of being in business is to make money, our belief is that a business exhibition event hosted on a smaller scale than what you would expect to see say at the NEC, should still strive to serve more of a purpose for the attendees.


“Any and all attendees are customers…... and not mates, friends or acquaintances”


Even meetings and seminars should in the main be serving a purpose for the attendees firstly, and not to heighten the awareness and profile of the hosting business or person, which is something, which all too often seems to happen.


Sadly, there are a good number of business exhibitions and events within the region, which are poorly attended effort needs to be put in to identifying why...! In addition and perhaps, more importantly whatever the reason(s) they have to be overcome. One genuine reason could be because the assumption and view may be “same old”….” same old,  


Another thought might be that there could be a lack of variety in execution of the event / meeting, as well as in exhibitors, in speakers, and of attendees.


Everyone is different and like with anything if you try to second-guess what has required by local businesses at a business event, you will more often than not get it wrong.


Clearly, it appears on a majority of occasions that business events are held just too commonly serve a perceived belief as opposed to providing a required need.