All aboard for Start Up Britain next stop Wolverhampton Science Park

The Start up Britain bus arrived in the Black Country on the 21st September, stopping at the Wolverhampton Science Park for a couple of hours. 

Its arrival allowed local Black Country based SME’s and new start up’s to engage in conversation with those business organisations which may be able to help and offer assistance, whether it’s through financial or business support. 

The event was organised by Gary Lennon who has undertaken the role of championing Start Up Britain in the Black Country. 

The event seemed to go well, but one has to remember that the event with a title like ‘Start Up Black Country’ it’s targeted for the specific purpose. We say this because some same faced people where there perhaps thinking that it’s again yet another opportunity to purely network which it was – but that was not the sole or major purpose of the event. 

Whilst there, we had brief conversations with Tony Wood from the Black Country Reinvestment Society discussing how the availability of finance to businesses operating in local markets and industries is still there. 

We also spoke with Edward Van De Kleign from partnerships for marketing discussing the effectiveness of marketing in the West Midlands and how he is working with a person who has just set up as an events coordinator, and initial enquiries from the marketing undertaken the marketing partnership is showing some great high profile names as enquiries. 

Gareth Richards was also there as he is currently on secondment to the Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre from Business Link. He is based at the science park and was kind enough to take us on a tour around showing and explaining the benefits and facilities of the park. 

Upon our return to the room we noticed that the cups were in short supply so hastily headed direct to use the last cups before Ian Rose from Wine-Fi beat us to it. This unfortunately was bad news for Ian as it meant that as we had a chat he watched us have a nice warm, wet cup of tea in front of him. 

Note to Gary….an event is not and event without BISCUITS…….. 

Ian explained about his business which revolves around digital wine menus whereby it helps and assists customers to chose the best and most suitable wine compliment for the meal which they’re about to order. 

The system is managed by the restaurant via a monthly subscription not only does it help a restaurants customers make the best wine selection, it help the restaurant in the up selling of their wines by better informing their customers as to what wines are available and more importantly which of those are better suited to the food their selecting. 

During our conversations Mark Linton and Sarah Pritchard from the Business Growth Show now joined in and we talked about how their event went the day before at the Birmingham City Football ground. 

They then had to leave as they were heading off to the B2B event over in Burton upon Trent where Midlander Ruth Badger was giving a talk. 

Charles Hanmer from Charles Advertising came over and spoke with us; he went into great detail about what he has done in the past with companies that he has run and committees that he has chaired proving to be a very prolific business person in the Black Country.